Everyone is just trying to take your money.

Everyone is just trying to take your money.

I think I first heard this in a documentary about scams. I have taken this few words and applied it to everything I can think of. Scammers trying to steal, swindle, or sell you at outrageously high prices. Businesses trying to get you to come out on Black Friday. Governments trying to get you to become more educated to earn more to pay more taxes. Okay, that last one might be a bit of a stretch, but it still explains a lot about our current political environment.

Core motivations. That is what this thought comes down to. What is it that motivates the people in your lives and the people you see in the news. Watch any new channel or read any Twitter feed from a reporter and you see it standing out like a blue tooth (a whole other story).

Money. The economy. Businesses trying to make a buck. It all comes back to the core motivation of they are just trying to separate you from your money. Think about Apple. They are not in the business of creating a utopia world where your digital world is with you every waking moment. No, they just want to separate you from as much money as possible. They are just skilled at making you forget that money you have worked for and fork it over. I for one have doubled down on my loyalty to Apple. If they go bankrupt, my digital life will be a shambles.

Let’s take a look at the local hospital you might patronize. They have several programs for the less fortunate, but ultimately they too are practicing the art of separating you from you money. You visit the doctor and get some blood work done. They ask you for a co-payment. This co-payment is by no means the end of the bill. You will shortly be contacted for the remainder of the bill. Depending on your situation, insurance may help pay, or get the total cost reduced because of the agreements they have. But just try to not pay the bill. Some providers have directly entered the business of collections. And that business is booming.

What about a benevolent company like the gas company. They pipe gas to your furnace in the winter time to keep you from freezing to death… but try to not pay your bill. Your gas is shut off. And shut off regardless of the winter conditions.

But what about government regulations. How is that ‘just trying to separate you from your money’? Your right. The core motives of government differ from business. A little bit. You have to take government in two bits. The first one is the individual in the role that they have been appointed, elected, or hired too. Each government official has the core motive of keeping the power they have. Seem fairly simple. But this insight can help you understand their actions and comments in a different light.

Let’s take the mayor in your town. She just wants to get re-elected. That is her motivation. This is why some of the recent electorates seem to have a hard time adjusting to their new job. He is playing the wrong game. He or she might pull it off for a little while and they could even get re-elected. But the stress will eat at them and I would not want that medical bill. Public elected officials that come from business and are successful take the lessons learned from business and give up trying to separate you from your money and start trying to keep the power they have. Or just trying to keep their job.

Okay, so far I have mentioned business just wanting to take your money and individuals in government that just want to keep their jobs, but governments have a deeper more sinister core motivation, to separate you from you money. Hold on hear me out. The government from dictatorship to democracy is just trying to separate you from your money. The difference is just how aggressive the difference forms are.

Take our own republic. Our government has several forms of education assistance. Many would say this is to have better citizens. But the truth is, the more education a person has, the higher their earning potential, and thus, higher taxes owed.

There you go. Everyone just wants to separate you from your money. Keep this in mind the next time you see a ‘killer deal’ or you just can’t understand why your taxes go up.

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