Trump Could Save America

Here me out.

Quick backstory on myself. I voted for Hillary, I despise #MAGA and I am terrified of the idea of a second term for this idiot. To sum up: I am under no delusion that this is going poorly for America now and going into the future.

The past year has given me a lot to think about in terms of where we are as a country. Obviously, I was just as baffled that we elected a character from Family Guy as president as anyone else, but after the last ten months of wonder, I began to think about what this has meant for us as a nation. And I think that this will be a net gain for us. Not today, tomorrow or in ten years after (hopefully) the democratic winner has fixed this mess (because lets be honest, they don’t have their shit together either). We will not be in a good place as a nation for awhile. But this is the one positive that will come out of this shit show: we’re talking about issues for the first time in a long time.

Now, I am by definition, a millenial. And I embrace that title. We’re the shit. But even when I was growing up, there were taboos on our speech. Money, politics and religion. Don’t talk about them, don’t ask about them. “Don’t talk about that stuff, it’s too personal”. Thanks, but the masses (pun intended) go to worship every single week together and we measure ourselves with the type of car and house we own every single day. We talk about that stuff with our actions. The only thing on that list that we actually do with any sort of privacy is vote: we sneak into a closed off booth and fill in our ballot, where we turn it in inside a manilla folder, because god forbid anyone know where we stand on issues like healthcare and women’s rights (wouldn't that be the worst? For the people at the polling station to know that *gasp* you care about the women in your life. Or maybe the issue is that you don’t…).

Which leads me back to my main point. Trump has unintentionally outed most racists, sexists, and general bottom of the barrel scum by spouting his bullshit from on high. The MAGA stickers and hats have become synonymous with the confederate flag: we thank you for outing yourself as someone with no self respect and even less regard for the rest of us in this country. I don’t have to worry about flirting with that girl at the bar with her Trump shirt on. Thank you for saving me time. It’s instant outing for people that stayed in the dark for so long, and while I’d like to say we should be trying to talk some sense into you, if you’re here in damn near 2018, and you still don’t see the issues with this guy, you’re a lost cause.

Women forever were told to “keep it quiet”. No more. Victims of racial profiling, discrimination and abuse were told they weren’t worth listening to. No more. Members of the LGBTQ community hid, sometimes their whole lives, who they were as a safety measure. No more. Men who previously rolled with “guy talk” are now expected to step up and say something. The minority voice is growing and the army around them is growing by the day. There are too many people to stop the wave of momentum and we will win this war on basic human rights. So thank you, Donald John Trump. Thank you for an awakening that this country needed. And thank you for taking your allies down in flames with you.

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