The Wellington Walk: Why I’m Walking Every Street In My City

The author, in recreational walking gear.

Like most people in their early 20s, I can be a bit of a shit. This is particularly true when it comes to my elders. I don’t spend anywhere enough time with either of my grandmothers.

Well, New Year calls for a New Me. I want to feel closer to my Nan. Really bond, really get into each other’s psyches.

This gave me the idea to walk every street of every Wellington suburb, from Breaker Bay to Broadmeadows. Because that seems like some shit my Nan would do.

No real thought has been put in place about how I’m going to do this, aside from buying $800 in camera equipment (which I have no idea how to use).

What exactly am I hoping to achieve?

Well, I have stopped taking drugs or drinking so I quite honestly need something to do on weekends.

I am also an incredible egoist so why not build a cyberspace shrine to me and my achievements.

A hope I have is that this blog may morph into some kind of “Wellington On Foot” book deal which would be fucking fantastic.

But mostly I’m doing this because when you walk the streets where you live you get to feel and see everything. I want to feel that nostalgic boredom of the suburbs; that rush of glimpsing a naked neighbour in a high rise apartment; the joy of finding hidden places you would miss in a car.

This year I swear to go outside the “golden triangle” of my flat, my friends’ flats and my workplace that I would usually restrict my life to.

Please validate me.

(Written January 2017)

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