The Gift That Keeps on Giving: Steve Mnuchin’s Holiday Present

Robby Strong’s Facebook Photo #3: the delivery

One mans quest to bring that special present to the Trump’s Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin

Robby Strong is a psychologist living in Los Angeles. On December 22nd, the day the President signed the Orwellian titled Jobs and Tax Bill, Strong was easing the pain of living in a Trumpian world when he met with his posse of friends.

“The bill is horsesh**t ,” Strong and his friends concluded. Most insulting, was this administration’s continuing to call this obscene travesty of a tax bill as the “middle-class tax cut.” Keep repeating something false, and, sooner or later, people will begiin to believe it.

This is where some of the indignation rightfully falls: this administration’s conviction that we are just not smart enough to understand anything about the greedy machinations of this new society. They think we are dumb. That we cannot understand what lies in this bill and understand how the effects of corporate tax cuts, combined with the tax cuts with the special, very special wealthy — will soon leave the economy in an even more severe deficit.

And what better way to solve the deficit than to cut back on benefits (NOT entitlements, the nouveau term for compensation earned and deserved in a person’s Social Security payments and health insurance for children of the working poor).

“What do we do about this horses**t,” came the question from Strong and his friends. How do we exercise our freedom of expression, freedom of speech to register our contempt about how we are being royally screwed over.

As fate would have it, a friend of Strong ‘s owns a horse and thus, access to unlimited amounts of horses**t. The plan was to shovel some of the horses**t into a box, wrap the box in festive holiday wrapping paper, and then motor over to Bel-Air and deliver the thoughful gift to Treasury secretary Steve Mnuchin.

It is hard to name the most egregious of Trump’s cabinet members. Each of them have their own particular charm in being totally unfit for the position. The Trump cabinet is distinctive for possessing an ideology contrary to the vision of their cabinet office. Education Secretary Betsy deVos is an advocate for charter schools — not for public education that the office is designed to oversee. Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke remains too close for comfort with the oil and mining industries — not as the steward for public lands. The list goes on.

Steve Mnuchin has his own delightful qualities as being the champion for the uber wealthy and having them remain even closer with their monies through his work at Goldman Sachs and various investment partnerships.

Obviously, Mnuchin is the financial whiz kid at enriching himself along with his clients as he set up tax havens and utilized every legal tax loophole. Is that the quality a president looks for when the position requires the Treasury secretary to work for all Americans, including those who are still waiting for the economic recovery to reach them and their communities.

During his confirmation process in January, 2017, Mnuchin came under fire for not disclosing nearly $100 million in assets. He just forgot.

No matter, said Republican Senator Orin Hatch. He is still qualified for the position. Senator Hatch then instructed his fellow senators and the public to stop calling Mnuchin the “foreclosure king,” Those words were insulting to such a swell guy as Mnuchin. (In 2008 Mnuchin enriched himself and his partners when they acquired the failed mortgage lender IndyMac. Mnuchin’s mortgage practices veered towards the illegal but the profits were too good to quit. Mnuchin could just taste all that money to be had from throwing people out onto the street.)

On December 23, Strong began to place his plan into action. He also took three photos, the first photo showing himself, his shovel, and that luscious pile of manure. The second shot was that box filled with manure. The last photo was the success of his endeavors with the gift of horses**t wrapped and ready on the sidewalk in front of Mnuchin’s palatial Bel-Air residence.

Sunday evening, Strong spoke with a wide spectrum of media outlets to explain his Mnuchin gift. Strong stated this was an act of political theater and since there are laws against mailing manure, it was much better to deliver the horses**t. Besides, there was the possibility of Mnuchin himself answering the door.

The delivery of Strong’s present led a neighbor of Mnuchin’s to call the LAPD about an hour after its 4:30pm delivery. The LAPD sent out its bomb squad, blocked off the street, and determined the package was horses**t with a handwritten greeting.

“Mrs. [sic] Mnuchin & Trump, we’re returning the ‘gift’ of the Christmas tax bill. It’s bulls**t. Warmest wishes, the American people P.S. — Kiss Donald for me,” the greeting read.

Strong emphatically stated his goal as being to inspire and motivate others to continue protesting and exercising their first amendment rights regarding the fact that “Republicans have done nothing for the American worker” amongst other political grievances.

“The fact that [Republicans] can be so brazen and act with such impunity tells me that we have to be more braazen with our activism and maybe a bit more agressive,” Strong stated to the media.

Strong was interviewed by the Secret Service on Sunday, December 24th. The Secret Service offered no comment.

Stay tuned.

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