Surely you don’t mean Piece Of Shit Toyota’s? POS must stand for something else, I’m sure.

Surely you don’t mean Piece Of Shit Toyota’s? POS must stand for something else, I’m sure.

Because you can’t find many American made cars that are still on the road with 440,000 miles and new ones that get 41.1 mpg in a midsized sedan.

Toyota kicks American ass three ways to Sunday I’m sorry to say.

Detroit has had 20 years to get their act together. I know, they are at a disadvantage with high labor costs and high healthcare costs and, yes, high pension costs.

You are right. The healthcare system on the shoulders of corporations is an albatross. I have advocated companies and individuals contributing into a single collector of funds and distributing said funds directly to providers. Eliminate the profit hungry middleman insurance companies who contribute nothing but moving paper around and wasting advertising dollars on how great they are.

I do not know about the disparity between the 21% domestic profits vs. 15.6% offshore profits. If that is true it is a problem. It should be across the board 20%

A dollar for the government and $4 for the corporations.

I hear your complaint on the debt jacking up from $20 trillion to $30 trillion but that will not happen. It may go up to $24 trillion but who cares? Did we care when it went from $10 to $20 trillion? No.

Probably because rates were kept so low by the Fed we didn’t even notice that our debt service, interest on the debt, was under control. Now the Fed wants to jack up rates and our debt service will go through the roof! Goddamn it! Keep those rates low!

Low rates means cheaper car loans, mortgages and student loans. The economy booms and old people like me have to invest in fixed indexed annuities instead of saving in a CD at the local bank.

Keep the rates low. In fact, make them lower! And pump more goddamn oil! Make gasoline $1.99 again! Make America First Again!

As I’ve said before. The first year expensing of plant and equipment will pump prime the economy to get the velocity of money (our friend) going up again.

BTW. I predict the VOM will get to 1.633 by first quarter 2019.

It’s finally time to prime the pump! Get lots of liquidity flowing again!

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