I’m Tired of Being Outraged. You should be, too!

Just read a Mediaite post ( regarding a video that Vanity Fair put up to ostensibly troll Hillary. It wasn’t a particularly funny video (although they were certainly going for humor), but it has caused a shocking amount of outrage on the left flank of the left flank.

Six New Year's Resolutions for Hillary Clinton

I’m constantly amazed at the uproar something like this creates. In this instance we have outspoken supporters – well known supporters – slamming Vanity Fair. They’ve called Vanity Fair sexist, pathetic and out of touch. One well funded supporter is now helping to lead a “cancel Vanity Fair” campaign. And that’s just the famous people piling on.

Just to be clear, the video doesn’t say Hillary shouldn’t have run in 2016, or that they were happy with the outcome. It seems to simply be their humorous attempt (which in my opinion failed to be funny) to say we need to move on if we have a shot to beat Trump in 2020.

(By the way, I agree with much of what they say in the video. Hillary didn’t JUST lose because of Comey. Or because of Russia. Comey didn’t tell Hillary to stay out of Michigan. And the Russians didn’t tell Hillary to stay out of Wisconsin. At least I don’t think they did.)

I can’t help but wonder what these same people say – or have said – about similar videos or articles about women on the other side of the political spectrum. It’s all fun and games until they hit our person. Then…LOOK OUT!

I’m tired of “my side” being selectively outraged. The Vanity Fair video may have been silly (although I hope beyond hope that Hillary stays out of 2020), but to want Vanity Fair to go out of business because of it is ridiculous. It’s the equivalent – the exact equivalent – of Trump supporters wanting CNN to go out of business for their negative coverage of Trump while ignoring what Jake Tapper (an incredible CNN anchor) and others had to say about Obama while he was President and Hillary while she was running.

Why can’t we just be better? Why do we need to be outraged at the silly things? It seems like every day someone chooses the “outrage of the day”. This is why the real issues, the outrages that matter, are continually forgotten.

When we freak out about the “outrage of the day” we stop talking about:

  • The lack of any movement on gun control
  • What is happening in Puerto Rico
  • Some of the fully unqualified judicial nominees
  • The tragedy of homelessness in America
  • And that THERE IS NO FREAKING WAR ON CHRISTMAS!!! (that’s my own silly outrage.)

Because we pause our focus on the issues that matter and that SHOULD continue to outrage us, we keep losing the fight.

So focus people! There is so much to do!

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