I normally don’t respond to stuff like this but I couldn’t help myself.

I normally don’t respond to stuff like this but I couldn’t help myself. This post is seeping in endless irony, countless logical fallacies, and a obnoxious lack of self-awareness.

In the post you chide “Bernie Bros” for not fact checking, but yet in the first paragraph you outright lie and ignore the fact that, yes, by every metric Bernie is the most popular politician in America at the moment (not just two “lame” polls) and, yes, all evidence points to him winning in a head-to-head election against Trump. But you write it off by speculating that there is some mysterious file the GOP has on him. Total speculation. Not to mention more Obama voters from 2012 voted for Trump (13%) than Bernie voters, according to multiple polls.

Next, you repeatedly scarecrow Bernie and his supporters to make them infinitely easier for you to attack. “They’re a cult.” “They only care about two issues.” “Bernie is actually an evil Stalinist.” “They just discovered politics like five seconds ago.” “They dislike facts.” “And they are the same as the alt-right.” How about instead of calling people you disagree with all sorts of things that are, at the least, terribly exaggerated and, at the worst, outright lies, you could speak to them like fellow adults. You literally called them snarky and snotty then followed it with what might be the snarkiest and snottiest comment I’ve ever read.

I understand you don’t like Bernie and you love Hillary, but engaging in obviously dishonest discourse helps no one. Having honest conversations is much more helpful. You disagree with Bernie and his supporters, that’s okay. People can disagree. But, please, next time try to point out actual points of contention and how to move forward rather than painting a candidate and his whole base as cult members blindly following a “dark and disturbing” communist. And if your response is that they do it too or that they deserve it or something like that, then maybe you’re the immature one.

Anyways, I hope you consider my feedback.

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