Day 342: Propaganda Outlet Fox News Credits Trump With ‘Wiping Out’ ISIS

For all of 2017, and really since Donald Trump locked up the Republican nomination, Fox News has done everything possible to prop up Trump. They’ve removed their “Fair & Balanced” motto and acted as a de facto propaganda outlet for the Trump administration. No matter how silly a tweet, Fox News ignores it. No matter how boorish the behavior, Fox News covers something else. No matter how big the arrest, Fox News talks about Hillary Clinton.

They not only make up facts, but spin those invented facts to benefit Trump. For instance, see today’s tweet.

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As an initial matter, there’s no way to accurately count the number of ISIS terrorists. On top of that, there’s not even a citation of where these figures came from. On television, Fox cited “officials,” but without more that’s really just a kinda-sorta fancy word for “people.” But, perhaps most ridiculously, for two-thirds of the window cited — 2015 and 2016 — Barack Obama was the president. Trump, who doesn’t appear to have taken much of a different military tactic, other than ceding his commander-in-chief tasks to other team members, gets the exclusive credit from Fox for “wiping out terrorists.”

Why didn’t Fox cite figures just from 2017 or explain exactly what Trump has done to eradicate those terrorists?

Because they’re a propaganda outlet, covering not real news, but conservative rallying points — no matter the veracity — meant to get eyeballs from a third of the country. Fox caters to Trump because they know he watches their shows. His administration almost exclusively gives big interviews to Fox and gives otherwise great access. He tweets incessantly about how great Fox is and it’s clear the relationship is purposely symbiotic.

This is garbage masquerading as journalism.

342 days in, 1120 to go

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