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Remember, I’ve never advised you to take my word for anything, but suggested that you go verify things for yourselves. However, today I offer you a roadmap for fixing America. I’m not asking you to trust me or the following people… at least not fully. I suggest that a healthy dose of skepticism remain regarding every source of information.

Hopefully, in my previous articles you’ve noticed a pattern. Hopefully, even if you don’t believe the conspiracy perspective, you acknowledge that it is the one narrative that can address every ailment that afflicts us. There is only one thing that I insist that you believe, and that is corporations in America are at the root of all our problems. If you’re not willing to admit this, then you can stop reading now. As a legal entity, there is no reason that a corporation have the same political rights as that of an individual. The effects of Citizens United v. FEC ruling which recognized corporations’ right to the same constitutional protections as an individual should be apparent for the whole world to see. A corporation is a legal entity created for one purpose — reduce risk to an entrepreneurial class since there is much risk when pursuing a commercial endeavor… meaning, it is designed to make money. It is an engine for commercialization and production.

Keep in mind that within corporatism, we find hierarchy essential, specialization of labor key, and duplication of effort discouraged. This is great for making money, but what about your government? Can you trust a career bureaucrat or a career politician to always work on YOUR behalf? I think the answer is obviously, “No!” You must be willing to defend yourself and your rights. Sure, a strong economy guarantees a strong nation, but now that we’ve won the Cold War, let’s adjust to a Post-Cold War world. One where we can be more benevolent — we’re negotiating from a position of strength — we’re NOT the underdog.

The result of Citizens United v. FEC is a tremendous infusion of cash into our electoral process. Anyone should be able to admit that such an infusion is a corrupting influence. However, what can you or I do about it? Well, there are other Americans who’ve been attempting to warn, enlighten, and awaken our fellow Americans from their slumber. Here, I will introduce you to who they are, and why you should embrace them and their teachings, ideology, and agenda (however, skeptical — remember, skepticism is good).

Colonel Fletcher Prouty — the only reason I mention him here is because you must recognize there is something that both John le Carré and Mike Lofgren refer to as the “Deep State.” Prouty’s “Secret Team” constructed this Deep State for further manipulation. You could even say that Prouty’s Secret Team is today’s Deep State, although the Secret Team only alludes to CIA assets while the Deep State incorporates lifelong bureaucrats within “The Establishment.”

Noam Chomsky — the only reason I mention him here is because you must also recognize there is something called “Manufactured Dissent.” In military parlance, we would label it a “two-pronged assault” or a “pincer maneuver.” My father uses a football metaphor, “You must play both sides to work the middle.” This way you can understand how the CIA operation in Charlottesville manipulated both the Antifa/Black Lives Matter crowd and the white supremacists. The operation was a win-win for the CIA because it accomplished several things. One of which was it distracted most Americans with talking points that further divided us along racial/ethnic lines. While Manufacturing Dissent is a play on Chomsky’s “Manufacturing Consent,” it is essential to understand that they are ‘two sides of the same coin.’ Consent/Dissent can both be artificially manufactured to suit the agenda.

However, the following paragraphs are full of people who COULD BE manufactured dissent. Therefore, I tell you — embrace them with skepticism. Keep an open mind. These people are offering solutions which are logical, timely, and seem to be the only recourse we have as a people if we wish to save our beloved Republic.

Eric Lawyer — founded Firefighters for 911 Truth. Think about it, if it is my job to run into burning buildings, wouldn’t I want to know how fire could jeopardize the integrity/stability of the buildings that I run into? If WTC 7 came down in a manner that could jeopardize my life and my fellow firefighters’ lives — don’t we owe it to them to do a thorough investigation and address the discrepancies (flaws) in the NIST report? “Flaws?” you ask, well even Popular Mechanics ignored the incendiary investigation which, according to federal law (NFPA 921) should have been conducted, yet the NIST report doesn’t even address this as a possibility.

Richard Gage — founded Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth (AE911Truth). He too, I must ask, “If it were my job to design and build buildings, don’t I deserve to know exactly what happened to those buildings on September 11, 2001?” If there is any kind of defect, it is my responsibility as an architect to my clients to design for them a building that is reliable, safe… you get the idea. Support architects and engineers who demand a more thorough investigation. Allow them their day in court. They will have discovery.

Josh Silver — founded Represent.Us. They are helping educate the masses about the extent of corruption in America. Mansur Gidfar is their Communications Director and is usually the voice you hear on their videos. They have ideas about how to address the corporate lobbying (or legalized bribery). They say the problem isn’t that our congress members are breaking the law, but rather there is no laws for our congress members to break. How the constitution applies to the corporate entity is deficient.

However, I must also say Net Neutrality was not killed by corruption — as you will undoubtedly hear some of Represent.Us volunteers state. While it may be counter-intuitive to suggest, but MORE government regulation only encourages MORE corruption. May I refer you to Stefan Molyneux’s comprehensive analysis of Net Neutrality that he posted to YouTube in 2014. He can better explain how corporate officers who have fiduciary responsibility to their investors will do anything to BUY better regulations to protect those investors and their investment.

Cenk Uygur — founded Wolf PAC (political action committee). While better known as a co-founder and co-host of The Young Turks (TYT), Cenk Uygur is an outspoken and politically active citizen. However, it’s his Wolf PAC we’ll focus on today. Why is Wolf PAC important?

It’s important to understand what Wolf PAC proposes. Just as Josh Silver is combating corporate corruption via legalized bribery, aka corporate lobbying, Wolf PAC is also working to combat this issue, but through a different approach. See, while Represent.Us seeks to implement a law called the “American Anti-Corruption Act” through ballot initiatives around the country, Wolf PAC proposes we take advantage of a procedure outlined in Article V of the U.S. Constitution that allows for another Constitutional Convention to be called. Of course, opponents to another Constitutional Convention express fear that it could lead to another “runaway convention.”

To understand a runaway convention, you must understand our history. Our nation was originally founded as a confederation — a weak central government with strong regional governments. The Articles of Confederation (drafted November 1777, but ratified in March 1781) was our first constitution. Because of the overwhelming limitations placed on the central government, it was rendered ineffective. Well, Shay’s Rebellion (initiated August 1786) helped convince the American people that changes were needed. This led us to the U.S. Constitutional Convention which transpired for over four months in 1787. They call it a runaway convention because it was originally called to modify the Articles of Confederation, but instead produced a whole new constitution. Hence, critics of Wolf PAC argue that the convention could lead to new constitution thereby contributing to changes that are unforeseen today — out of the frying pan, into the fire.

Lawrence Lessig — a Harvard professor who can be found on YouTube giving a presentation to TEDxMidAtlantic about “Tweedism.” His presentation is in support of the “Citizen Equality Act” and the “Voting Rights Advancement Act,” which attack provisions within our present election laws that make it more difficult for citizens to vote while incorporating ideas (like Bernie Sander’s proposal to move election day to a national holiday) thereby enabling more citizens to participate. We recognize that China’s election laws are flawed due to their insistence that a nomination process must occur BEFORE the election process. However, Lessig makes the case that FUNDING has become a nomination process in the U.S.

The previous paragraphs address Campaign Finance Reform and Corporate Lobbying. However, how do we address the Military-Industrial Complex or the Deep State? Sure, you can expect to clean this up AFTER you clean up these two, right? Well, you could wait or listen to sources that KNOW the intelligence apparatus.

Who better to overhaul the U.S. intelligence apparatus than former spies and/or analysts? There’s my advocacy for entrusting the specialists, right? Seriously, the U.S. whistleblowers are too numerous to name here, but the most popular ones include Edward Snowden, Bill Binney, Kirk Wiebe, Thomas Drake (according to Snowden, the “Four Citizens”), etc.

Today, the lack of transparency is said to protect intelligence and military assets in the field. However, the use of “National Security” as an excuse for maintaining secrecy is routinely used to hide information, not from America’s enemies, but from the American people. They hide their agenda from the American people because their agenda is either illegal, immoral, or contrary to what most Americans would approve to be done in their names.

Robert David Steele — former career CIA officer. He recently co-founded #UNRIG. Unrig advocates an “Election Reform Act of 2017.” Technically, this act doesn’t exist yet, but it aims to incorporate such work as Lessig’s Citizen Equality Act. However, Steele advocates a holistic approach that I think most people — including Lessig — would agree is needed at this juncture. Remember, Lessig even advocated a Constitutional Convention as recently as 2014.

One of Lessig’s biggest critics was Thomas Mann (no relation) of the Brookings Institution, who said that “…our problem right now …isn’t money… it’s hyper-partisanship.” This has led Steele to advocate ending the “Two-Party Tyranny.”

Even if Steele is not a successful politician, many of his ideas dealing with the Military-Industrial Complex and the Deep State deserve serious consideration. Namely reining in excessive defense spending which includes closing military bases abroad and reconsidering our NATO commitments. One justification for Russia, China, and India to ban together within the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) has been the U.S. insistence to maintain NATO although the Cold War is over. U.S. policy is driving those countries together. While Steele may be better with “macro-management,” Lessig seems to have more substance… more “meat and potatoes.”

Initially, Lessig said that his presidential aspirations were a “referendum,” I think it’s because he realized that a vast overhaul — that he advocates — would also destroy tens of thousands of jobs (and if you phase out contractor jobs within the military and intelligence sectors, substantially more.) He could wreak havoc on the U.S. economy. So, although well-intentioned, he could go down in history as America’s worst president. How do you balance a major overhaul while maintaining fiscal integrity? No matter what we do as Americans, we face some overwhelming choices in the near future.

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