Where Is The Bold Liberal Platform?

The mid-terms are around the corner and Democrat still haven’t put out a bold platform to win back middle American. Now before anyone start commenting Cody they put one out months ago the Better Deal remember. Yes I remember that Better Deal rip off of Papa John’s slogan. I’m not joking they really rip off Papa Johns. When was the last time you heard a major Democratic official talk about that “Better Deal”, cause I don’t. What happen to it? Where did it go? Why aren’t Democrats running around telling everyone about their Better Deal? I can’t answer any of those question, however I suspect Democrat’s realize its was stupid and quiet weak from from the bold policies they promised. They need to start channelling FDR America’s favorite 20th century President. Why not channel FDR bold persistent experimentation from government. Dynamic government run by dynamic leadership who are bold in there policies and aren’t afraid to try new things.

“A nation that continues year after year to spend more money on military defense than on programs of social uplift is approaching spiritual doom.”

~Martin Luther King, Jr.

It’s Time for democrats to return to their progressive liberal roots. Time to start channeling FDR, Truman, LBJ, and JFK. We must stand up for social progress and reforms to improve our country and fellow man standard of living. So many people are hurting thanks to the NeoLiberal policies of the last 30-years that were embraced by Democratic leaders full heartedly. The way forward is a New Fair Deal that hawken back to the bold progressive policies of FDR and Truman.

“But let us begin. Now the trumpet summons us again — not as a call to bear arms, though arms we need — not as a call to battle, though embattled we are — but a call to bear the burden of a long twilight struggle, year in and year out, “rejoicing in hope, patient in tribulation”- a struggle against the common enemies of man: tyranny, poverty, disease and war itself.”

~John F. Kennedy

The Platform:

  • No Corporate or Pac money in campaigns. Only individual donations.
  • Separate Social Security and Medicare from the general funds.
  • Provide Paid Maternity and Sick leave up to 14 weeks at 85% of workers pay. By a 1% payroll tax split equally between employers and employees.
  • Support the bill, “The Workplace Democracy Act” that makes its easier for workers to form a union.
  • Modernize our Labor Laws by allowing for multi-employer bargaining or industry bargaining and expand the legal definition of employment to cover more categories of workers. Granting workers in the gig economy more labor rights and protections.
  • Make “overtime tax free” for all Working Americans. Increasing their after tax take home pay.
  • Cut the payroll tax on Social Security by 3% to 3.2% and lift the taxable rate from $118,500 to $1,000,000 on incomes.
  • Expand the payroll tax to include capital, interest and dividends for those who incomes exceed $250,000/year. Making Social Security and Medicare Sustainable for the long run.
  • Increase Social Security benefits by 10% for our senior who need that increase to boost their fixed income to a livable standard. Make Social Security benefits tax free. No more “Double Taxation”
  • Allow people to access Medicare or Medicaid by paying $100 per person a month with small copays of no more than $25.00. Providing a public option people want and deserve.
  • Reduced our military bases from over 800 to 100 which would save over $80 billion a year.
  • Reducing the pentagon budget to $400 billion and auditing every dollar spent. Saving over $100 plus billion.
  • Eliminating the $180 billion in fraud and overpayments to defense contractor.
  • Cut the $275 billion in waste and overspending. We don’t need 80 plus government programs on teacher quality and improvements.
  • Eliminate the Department of Homeland Security saving $40 billion. It’s a giant ineffective government agency that waste taxpayers money. Hasn’t made America safer or achieve the goal of government agencies sharing critical intelligent information. A “total failure”.
  • In total cut over $595 billion in the Federal Budget. These cuts will bring the federal budget deficit down to $71 billion from $666 billion. The lowest budget deficit in over 16 years.
  • Impose a 1% sales tax on Wall Street and its financial engineered products.
  • Impose a 15% tariff on all imports to protect domestic manufacturers from the dumping of cheap products into America that undercuts domestic manufacturers and their workers.
  • Tax corporations foreign earnings as there earned after deducting foreign taxes paid.
  • Increase the Capital Gains Tax to 28% and close the carried interest loophole.
  • Double Earned Income Tax Credit and expand its to single works under the age of 25.
  • Double the child care tax credit and make it refundable.
  • Expand Universal pre-k through match funding for states or cities who funds it.
  • Ensure that 30% of all Federal contracts go to real small businesses.
  • Restore Glass Steagall to prevent another Financial crisis. Break up The largest banks in America into multiple smaller banks. Protecting America’s tax dollars from future bailouts. No more “Socializing losses and Privatizing profits”.
  • Time to start breaking up monopolies like Theodore Roosevelt did 100 years ago. Enforce the Sherman Antitrust Act again.
  • Audit the Federal Reserve operations for the last 100-years
  • Use the Constitutional power to coin and issue money to issue $1.5 trillion dollar in United States Treasury Notes to rebuild our physical infrastructure.

These are the policies that I stand for and will fight for everyday that I’m in The Congress if you elect me in 2018. I stand for bold dynamic leadership that fights for people not legal entities like Apple.

Why can’t democratic come out with something like this. It’s bold progressive policies with a splash of populism like the ones above that will appeal to Democratic and Republican alike. Why can’t Democrats channel FDR, Truman and LBJ. What happen to the party of the New Deal, Fair Deal, New Frontier and The Great Society? A party that supported bold social legislation that improved the lives of hundred of millions Americans. We live in a nation built on the New Deal’s social policies and legacy.

The majority of Americans including Republicans support Medicare, Social Security, unemployment insurance and other social policies from the 1930’s. Even today FDR is still consider the greatest modern President in American History, however do you ever here democratic talk about him or the Neal Deal. That the problem they have turn there back on New Deal liberalism for Neoliberalism. There so corporatized and beholden to corporate power and influence, it’s impossible to see them return to there roots. However, I remain hopeful thanks to Bernie Sanders and those how have risen up from his movement will move the party back into the right direction. I may not agree with everything Sanders say and I’m not a socialist. However, He and his movement are moving the party in the right direction.

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