RUSSIAN Election as an oxymoron.

Elections in Chaotic Political Environment Hardly Make Any Sense
Russia and Germany know that better than anybody else. In the time of political and social volatility, large groups of people are tending to support radical unrealistic solutions, are willing to apply violent solutions and closed to the voice of reason and common sense.

2018-elections could hardly make any good to the country granted that the majority of the population have distorted ideas about basic democratic notions such as liberalism, law and electoral campaign. To expect any positive outcome of it is like expecting that will suddenly change cannibals who ate Captain Cook expedition into refined Stanford interns.

Russia needs this election to pretend to be “like everybody else,” but the very quick look reveals it isn’t. Important electoral campaigns are not commonly done in three months. The basic players are obvious and they are normally coming from within the political environment — they are representing parties and forces reflecting views and illusions of different social groups which are more or less familiar to the general public. In Russia, presidential candidates appear suddenly out-of-blue not known as statesperson and often not having clear views on certain issues. The only known factor is incumbent, which is known so well that he fills no need to expand much about directions for the next term. The basics along with virtually every detail is anything but “like everybody else”.

Russia is not like everybody else because of its history, culture, and gazzilion of other big and small factors which define that the unique situation which requires the special approach. Among very fundamental things, it is a country with almost no respect for the law. The communist USSR developed in many people such intense hatred of the law-enforcement (the regular colloquial word for corp is “garbage” in Russian) that even popular culture — songs, jokes sided with outlaws and poeticized criminal gang law.

If Russia wants “to be like everybody else”, it needs not elections, but radical change. It will not be able to do it alone — Russia needs international Marshall plan, but first and foremost — desire to change from within. The time between Columbus and First American election campaign was 296 years, and it was a time of intense work on making the nation, not that bunch of guys from Old Bailey came to the new land with patriotic idea “here we are! Now, Elections!”

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