My 2017 Holiday Gift Guide

Mueller Time Coasters, Etsy, $5.49 each

Oh, the holidays are upon us? I had no idea. I was too distracted by the shiny objects of disaster reflecting in our faces every damn day to notice.

Hanukkah is upon us. Christmas will be here in a blink. Here are my picks for the perfect gifts for everyone on your list this year. TRIGGER WARNING: they are all political. Not sorry.

For your Nana who reminds you that she lived through the Great Depression, the Nixon administration, AND had a boss who called her “Toots,” and we better goddamn get our shit together.

A darling needlepoint for her powder room; one that tells Nana we’re on the case.

For your neice in law school who just got “persist” tattooed on her wrist.

Nothing says I’m a badass bitch quite like a Ruth Bader Ginsburg sweatshirt. Especially when you’re following in RGB’s footsteps with a law degree and aspirations for the bench — I mean, someone has to show these asshats what the Daubert standard is. Assorted colors to choose from, $25.

For your uneducated uncle who STILL thinks Trump is gonna make anything great again.

Dumps for Trump — the ultimate dog walking accessory in the age of insanity. That is, if you’re still the kind of citizen who picks up after your pooch… we all know things have gone to such shit that it almost wouldn’t matter if you didn’t pick up your dog’s. Dispenser and 60-bag combo, $15.95

For your woke son.

Send him out into the world wearing his feminism on his sleeve… literally. Someday his wife (or husband) will thank you. $19.95

For your spouse, who gets into daily political rants and arguments on Twitter.

Give him a warm hug to wrap his frustrations — and hope — up in, in the form of a cozy hoodie. Stuff the pockets in advance with tissues, because crying is now a daily occurrance. Trump Impeachment hoodie, $47.25

For your co-worker who, in the past year, has joined 13 activist groups and has found her inner feminist.

This mug shows everyone in that 9am meeting who not to fuck with — and it’s your coworker. She is damn good at her job and damn sure not going to let another promotion pass her by because someone named Kip or David keeps interrupting her. $12.99 from Mugmaroo on Etsy.

For your Mother-in-Law who can’t wrap her head around any of this.

Listen, none of us can wrap our heads around any of it. I get it. And at the very least, we’ve got another year of this madness until we can take back the House and Senate (because goddamnit we’re going to do that, ok, don’t fucking pop my rainbow balloon.) So help her breathe a little with some behind-the-scenes and memories from brighter times. What Happened by Hillary Rodham Clinton, $13.49 and Pete Souza’s book, Obama: An Intimate Portrait, $31.45

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