CNN Tax Calculator Proves CNN is Lying About The Trump Tax Plan

Despite all of CNN’s nonstop spurious claims about the GOP’s tax bill, which they seem to denigrate on every one of their shows. CNN own tax bill calculator proves CNN is fraudulently reporting the ramifications of the Trump tax plan.

Uploaded Wednesday, the calculator offers a simple interface where you choose an income bracket and then identify your state, your household status and the number of children you have. You can find CNN’s Tax Calculator here (opens new window).

The calculator then produces an estimate of how much the GOP’s tax bill will either save you or cost you.

In one exchange between Chris Cuomo, the moron wanna-be Jedi master and Kellyanne Conway battled it out on New Day

CONWAY: Are you going to look — are you going to tell the middle- class right now that none of them are getting a tax cut over this package?

CUOMO: No, I’m saying they’re not getting as good a treatment as the upper tier, and this was sold as advantaging them.

Well according to CNN’s own Tax calculator, Once again Chris Cuomo was talking out his pie hole.

CNN Tax Calculator Results

Filing New York 0–20k 20k-40k40k-75k75k-125k125k-225k225k-500k500k+Joint No ChildrenSame0.8%1.7%2.5%1.8%3.8%2.6%Joint + 1 Child0.8%2.5%3.6%3.2%2.6%5.1%3.4%Joint + 2+ Children0.8%2.1%5.2%3.9%3.7%6.9%3.5%Single + 0 Children0.5%2.2%2.9%2.0%1.8%0.2%-0.2%Single + 1 Child2.2%5.7%4.6%4.1%4.1%0.7%0.2%Head of Household
0 Children0.1%3.0%3.4%1.8%0.3%1.3%-0.9%Head of Household
1+ Children1.0%4.9%5.5%4.4%3.1%2.9%-0.7%

CNN Lies

As you can see what CNN is selling is a big, fat pile of horse manure. Where CNN and the Democrats try to BS the people is by extending the figures past 2026 when certain tax cuts expire. But as we know, just like with most bills, when that date approaches, whichever side is in the minority will use the tax cut expiration as a bargaining chip.

This is what CNN Bob Crandall wrote on December 12th

Moreover, it does so in part by eventually raising taxes on the US middle class, who have fallen behind in the economic race and need help rather than more taxes, and in part by increasing the already gigantic US debt.

The other way CNN and the Democrats lie is the fact that they will cherry-pick the Joint Filing section and then claim that the WHOLE Trump Tax bill is nothing but a rich get richer at the expense of the poor tax scam.

If the Democrats really want to be something other than being obstructionist, then they would negotiate the tax cuts as a permanent cut, rather than an expiring one. Maybe if the Democrats show they want to actually participate they can negotiate to get Republicans to change some of the percentages, in exchange for making the tax cuts permanent.

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