hey woke bro! read the article i sent u

hey woke bro,

read the article i sent u.

let me back up and start with my deepest thanks, as I always like to do to make sure u know that I know that we’re super in this together. u started the dialogue, yay! so i get that the fact that u care about ladies being equal to men puts me squarely and forever in ur debt.

but read the article I sent u.

sometimes when people are four and need help crossing the road in one piece, i hold their hand. when i like someone romantically, i hold their hand. when a small child is lost in the mall bc their mom fell into a sinkhole in the change rooms at zara, i hold their hand to bring them to the manager’s office.

times i won’t hand-hold include when ur a fully grown adult with two working eyes and sufficient literacy to read the article i sent u.

so read the article I sent u.

bc i think you think we’re having this convo for fun. v sorry for the miscommunication, probably my fault! I guess maybe u think it’s cute and flirty to engage in a discourse about what its like to be me. my bad again! that ur a cute and smart woke bro rolling up ur sleeves to stand by poor little old complain-y me and my girl grievances. UR SO SWEET. yes u are! yes!

so how ‘bout you read the article i sent u?

but ahhh, GOT IT, u want to have a heart to heart instead. really try to understand each other with thoughts/opinions unique to us that we can share together respectfully. you are v sorry that u shut me down to begin with but now u RLY RLY RLY wanna understand; ur even up talking it out over coffee! and the coffee will be on u! AH THANKS!

but its not my job to educate u. i tried, bro. we had a nice little dialogue going on for about 4 back and forth FB comments there. but u kinda killed the vibe when u said “but its not only white men that sexually harass, its women and minorities too”. so instead of reminding u that while southern california is on fire it’d be weird if u said “but northern california is cool too!”–

read the article I sent u.

oh no, i’ve made you feel attacked. like you’ve been accosted by a thief in the parking lot who tells you your shit’s not yours it’s theirs, or like nothing u do or say will be taken seriously in important conversations. sorry. new feelings can be hard. the good news is, i can assure you you’ll get used to it. in no time you’ll be giggling and smiling in lieu of complaining about it.

wait, u think i’m underestimating u?

read the article i sent u.

and then maybe, MAYBE, we can talk.

bc it’s not my responsibility to make sure you’re not a total fucking douchecanoe; it’s yours.

…OH and this is the article: https://medium.com/@MattMcGorry/good-men-and-harvey-weinstein-b507bed80449

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