Upon Further Review

Hon. Jackie Speier
Hon. Al Green
Hon. Brad Sherman
House of Representatives
Washington, DC

Gentle Members of the House:

I am sending you this open letter to ask that you take another look at impeaching Donald Trump.

  • First, forget about Russia. Mueller’s noose is tightening even as we speak.
  • Second, forget about his right wing antics and diminishing our standing in the world. It’s true, but it is also partisan.

Instead, I say to you, seize this watershed moment in American History, and introduce Articles of Impeachment based solely on allegations of sexual assault and harassment.

True enough, the Republican majority is not likely to go along, but that’s not the point. Besides, you may very well peel off a few Republican women, and if the wind is just right, the whole earth might move.

It will only take two days, and the entire House, male and female, Republican and Democrat, senior insider and millenial frosh, will have to take a public stand on an issue that is roaring across the country like a fifty foot high tsunami, plucking icons and titans from their suddenly insecure high perches. And that, my friends, is very much the point.

Unlike Roy Moore, Al Franken, and John Conyers, Trump will actually get Due Process and his day in court. He can face his accusers. It will all be on the record, under oath, and the world can judge the facts for itself. Sexual assault is easily a misdemeanor in most places, and with the right facts, a High Crime (felony).

Don’t be distracted by those who say it happened before he became President. So did Whitewater. Don’t be delayed by those who say the timing isn’t right. The timing is perfect for this issue.

I know that Mr. Sherman and Mr. Green have made previous moves in this area. I bring Ms. Speier into the conversation because I remember her career all the way back to her days in the California legislature. You would benefit from her expertise in matters of gender equality.

Upon further review, Representatives, I submit to you that Donald Trump does not get a pass just because these allegations were made and he won the election anyway. Times have changed. The only statute of limitations is whether he is in office or not. Carpe diem.

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