How to pick a candidate for Governor of Maryland

Choosing someone to support for Governor in MD is going to be harder than I thought. There’s more to look at beyond just good policy in state and local politics (though that’s important of course, I’m not supporting someone who supports giving school vouchers to crazy private schools). What I look for:
– long term investment in living in the state. How long have they been here? Are they just here because they want to be close to DC and everything that brings, or do they actually give a damn about seeing how things go in parts outside the DC burbs longterm? How much explaining do you feel the need to do when explaining why you’re running in this state if you’ve not been here a long time? So honestly, unless you’ve been here your whole life, if you live in MontCo or your resume is oriented towards national politics first and local politics is something you’re trying to pick up, you’re probably suspicious for just being here to work for politics and lobby groups (and one man’s lobby is another’s upstanding advocacy group, ask my dad).
– do they know the specifics about the state’s situation? The budget status in recent years? Labor laws? Problems with I-695 and tolls? Or did they just copy down some national pressure group’s platform?
– We’ve found that childcare is a big cost in MD, even compared to other states. No clear childcare cost reduction policy, no dice.
– Are you doing more than just following the political trend? Are you just trying to be anti-Trump thinking that’s all you need, or do you have something else to stand on? Are you capitalizing on popular trends in policy, or actually looking around at the problems at hand?
– And my top one, and some may think “aren’t those the same thing?” but it’s really not if you look skeptically: are you looking to answer to, represent, and help the worse off among us, or progressive base voters.

You can get away with just being a simple issue advocate as a legislator. Governors have a lot more to navigate.

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