Has honesty, respectability, and honor escaped our Congressional halls?

Even as a young boy I enjoyed watching whatever news programs I could get my eye on. With only the 3 major new outlets, and WPIX channel 11 news out of NYC, information was limited in the late 1970’s. However, three major attributes still seemed to be present in our #Congressmen who spoke on television.

Congress in session. (Via

Those important attributes, which we all used to consider necessary in electing our Representative, Senators, and leaders of the country were honesty, respectability, and honor. In fact, many (more than some of wish) Congressman are still sitting since the late 70’s. These men, once holding these three traits have somewhere along the line lost touch with reality, and learned to only see things from their current life situations.

Orrin Hatch, #Jeff Sessions, #Mitch McConnell, and so many more Republicans leading our nation have lost touch with reality. Not only is Capitalism failing most Americans now, except the elite, who can afford to continue to invest in themselves, but our own #Congress, created to help keep America a fair, and judicial society in which everyone has the opportunity to succeed, has been dismantled at this point. It will take decades of change to instill a sounder, safer, and more obtainable good life in America.

Senator Orrin Hatch (Via Skidmore

Congress is now a society of wealthy men who seek to only advance themselves, fill their own bank accounts, and lift their own business ventures and relationships into powerful lobbying institutions. The further intent is to take more power over America by doing this.

Senator Mitch McConnell (Via

They seek to put the poor, and middle income in situations of dire need, and controversial life decisions, in hope to control American society, and keep control of anything that shapes their and their families’ own futures.

Trump yelling at the crowd (Via Skidmore)

All of that, which many will argue with, is only an aside to what is occurring now among the Republican base in Congress. We have seen opinions on rape, sexual misconduct, lies, treason, and more teeter totter back and forth with the likes of Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, Jeff Sessions, and the lot of Republicans hoping to salvage a #Donald J Trump presidency that has darkened their party, and is close to falling apart.

These same Republicans that supposedly savored justice, honesty, respect, and once garnered honor, have now turned on the beliefs they were elected for and the premises they were elected on. Their so-called religious beliefs and customs have seemed to disappear in supporting Michael Flynn, Paul Manafort, President Trump, Roy Moore and so many others falling under the gun in 2017. Let’s not forget Jared Kushner still waiting for charges to come down, and possibly even Vice President Michael Pence.

When all is said and done, who is going to run Congress? Even the Democrats have not been immune to some of the same issues that Republicans have been facing in a greater amount. Is it going to be possible to finally find truth, justice, and the American way again through the #Robert Mueller Special Investigation?

Quoting my favorite speaker of all time, the great and brilliant Martin Luther King, Jr. once stated in his memoir of the Montgomery bus boycott, ‘Stride Toward Freedom’ — 1958 that, “True peace is not merely the absence of tension; it is the presence of justice”.

When the hammer comes down from Special Counsel Robert Mueller, we can only hope that Trump supporters will finally admit their mistake in voting for this foolery in the White House, and the awful staff he chose to handle his run for Presidency. With a nation grieving what has occurred in the halls of Congress, justice and the White House, maybe it will be possible for us to come together as a unified nation and seek the best, most honest, respectable, and honorable candidates for our Congressional seats in 2018, despite party lines!

That is the America our Founding Fathers inspired us to create in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

Let’s get it right in 2018 America, and step onto the path of healing our once great nation!


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