Epitomized Love at First Sight

A hot and lonely day in August 2016 led to me, seeking for something exciting and well… not so lonely. So I decided to get involved in something that to me was and still is a little TABOO. I decided to browse the relationship ads on Craigslist. I set the search settings in Craigslist to show in “Gallery” so I could see the pictures and stop when something caught my eye. I started scanning…..there wasn’t one ounce of optimism that I would find someone semi interesting. I scrolled down and immediately my interest was peaked when I saw her eyes. I opened her ad and she was looking for a relationship without labels…I laughed, as it seemed she wanted to Network more than meet someone to love. However, at that very moment I knew she was my wife. I knew we would be together for a very long time. I saw her entire personality in her eyes and her crooked smile.

Her Crooked Smile

Without saying one word to each other I knew the person she was. Strong, Resilient, Confident, Sexy, an Artist and my Wife for Life. So was this was our Love at First Sight. My mind was hers from that point till eternity.

I finally grew the courage after much pacing to answer her ad. She said put the name of your favorite flower in the email so she can weed out the spam from the real people. At the time I was enthralled in a TV show called the 100. The show is about a post apocalyptic world where human kind returns to earth to find an Earth they didn’t remember from history. An earth where flowers and plants glow at night from the radiation. I explained to her that these where the most beautiful flowers I had ever seen. Real or Science Fiction it was my response.

Love at First Glance

She replied to my email by saying nothing more than, “ You seem interesting Call me ***-***-****”.

I paced my room for a good 5 minutes before bolstering up the courage to call her. As soon as I heard her voice my entire body convulsed to the rhythm of her sound. My body and heart were hers from that point till eternity.

This was My Love at First Sight. It DOES exist and it is REAL.

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