Democrats’ Convenient Condemnation of Al Franken

It’s all about Roy Moore.

Now that it looks like Roy Moore is going to scrape by with a victory in Alabama, Democrats have found the courage to condemn their colleague Al Franken for his inappropriate conduct towards at least 8 different women.

This way they can say, “Look at us! We forced Franken out! We don’t tolerate sexual misconduct! Those Republicans, in contrast, still stand by Roy Moore. We have the moral high ground!”

I’ve talked about how misguided the concept of keeping “moral score” is in politics, but understand that Democrats turning on Franken is an entirely calculated political move. It is not based on any morals at all.

You can grope six women but once you cop a feel on the seventh, THAT’S WHERE WE DRAW THE LINE!


Plus, Democrats know the Minnesota Governor will appoint another reliably liberal Democrat to replace Franken in the Senate. It’s not as if they have to worry about losing a reliable political ally if they give Franken the boot. That’s not the case when it comes to Republicans and Roy Moore.

And note that today, when Franken gave his resignation speech, he didn’t resign effective immediately. He only said he intended to resign “in the next few weeks.” Gives him time to wait out the Roy Moore election in Alabama, which is next Tuesday, the 12th.

Rush Limbaugh pointed it out this morning: Al Franken is probably going to try to retract his resignation if and when Roy Moore wins. Franken will say, “By God, if this Senate will seat Roy Moore and toss me out, shame on them! I’m not resigning unless this chamber refuses to seat Roy Moore! I hereby retract my resignation!”

He’ll have a point, too.

But the larger observation is that his Democratic colleagues have tossed him under the bus out of pure political calculation and nothing more.

If they truly were “Zero Tolerance,” they’d have tossed him overboard the minute the first allegation dropped.

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