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The Modification of Literature

Although my third essay was my last essay of the semester, I still view it as one of the weakest links in my portfolio. Considering that I was given two weeks to write it, I could choose who I wrote about, and I had learned a substantial amount of information on the topic, one would think that it would be superb. Typically, I go back and revise each paragraph of my essay upon completion, then I go back and revise the essay as a whole. This form of revision has proved to improve the quality and flow of my essays throughout the entire semester. As I have grown as a writer, I have further understood the importance of a revision process, and I strive to enhance my skills in this area of literature.

One main aspect of my third essay that I did not feel too confident about, was the theme I described that recurred throughout Key and Peele’s sketch comedies. Well, it was not certainly the theme that I chose, but how I explained it. If I were to use a better choice of wording, I feel that it would sound much better and create a more readable product.

Along the way of my revision process, I certainly made numerous grammatical changes among other fixes within the style of writing. These tended to be very minor changes, and it was not till later on in my essay when I decided to make a substantial change to my writing. It was the fifth paragraph of my essay, and I decided it was time for some major adjustments. So, I went to work and produced this new, freshly written paragraph on the theme and writing processes of Key and Peels’s sketch comedies:

Key and Peele have mastered the process of creating a solid storyline that can be used throughout each and every one of their sketch comedies. Not only can this style of writing be efficient and productive, it stimulates guaranteed laughter from the audience as a whole which creates the perfect comedic bliss. This comedic perfection is enabled through a world in which Key and Peele are able to create that the audience is able to relate to, then they throw a curveball when the viewers least expect it. Key and Peele catch the audience off guard, and explore this event of unusual behaviors until the audience becomes accustomed to it. Because these events of unusual behaviors are so ‘out there’, the audience is automatically pulled into a state of constant laughter. It is at this point of the sketch comedy where Key and Peele become in complete control of their sketch’s goal in comedy.

This paragraph further explains the theme and writing processes Key and Peele use to establish comedy in their videos. I expanded on my ideas, and I made my points much clearer in my revised paragraph than the original one which can be seen below:

Key and Peele create a relatable world of comedy, throw in an event of unusual behavior, then proceed to ride out and explore the unusual behavior until the audience can no longer breathe from laughing so hard.

Finally, I went back to the essay at the end and still felt as if something was missing. It was the visualization aspect of the essay. It needed to pop! I went back and bolded words or phrases that stuck out to me. I added high quality pictures in specific pages. I changed the font size and style in certain areas of the story. I truly made it pop. Now, the essay flowed smoothly and I was able to grasp the reader’s attention at a higher level than before. The revision process does not always have to do with simple grammatical errors here and there. It can be much more than that. It is up to the writer to keep the reader suspended on the edge of their seat throughout the essay, and without a quality aspect of visualization, it is hard to achieve that goal.

One of the most important factors in grading an essay to me, depends on if the author is able to make the essay flow. An essay is easy to read when it flows smoothly from start to finish. Without flow, a reader becomes disinterested. This was the most helpful thing I learned from my writing this entire semester. In the past, I had always been given a model on how to structure my essays. With this being so, I felt limited. However, in this course I felt as if I were free to construct whatever I felt would produce the best quality of work. As an advocate of literature and sketch comedy, I am always trying to enhance and progress my skills in my writing. It was not until this semester that I took a major step towards achieving that goal. As my skills as a writer developed, I was able to identify the main thing interrupting my flow. I tend to repeat the same words over and over. I need to implement a form of writing in which I stray away from this repetitive process, and equip myself with a variety of words to use, enabling myself to smoothly get my point across. For example, in my third revised essay, I used different techniques to talk about Key and Peele’s sketch comedies. On one occasion I referred to them as “productions” while on another I referred to them as “videos.” Overall, this improved the flow of my essay greatly, and I was satisfied with my work.

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