MTV's The Challenge: Vendettas cast to feature a bunch of new players

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The British are coming! The British are coming!

Well, that’s not actually the theme of the 31st season of MTV’s The Challenge, but it might as well be. The Challenge: Vendettas will premiere on Jan. 2 and include a bunch of new players, including some from Big Brother and MTV U.K.’s Geordie Shore and Ex on the Beach.

Of course, many familiar faces will be in the mix as well — Johnny “Bananas” Devenanzio and Cara Maria Sorbello wouldn’t miss this! — as 28 challengers assemble in Spain to “pursue personal vendettas against one another,” according to the network. And they’ll be going it alone — only one winner will come out on top, competing for a “final prize that has the potential to exceed $500,000.”

We’ll let MTV explain: “The winners of each challenge will receive money for their individual bank accounts, but once players are eliminated, their money is added to the final prize pot. In a major game twist this season, ‘Grenades’ will be awarded to players surviving grueling elimination rounds, giving them a chance to get back at anyone else in the house they may have a vendetta against. With everyone out for themselves, stealing an entire bank account from another player, forcing players to be shackled together during another challenge or selecting players to stay up the entire night before a challenge, will surely shake up the competition and heighten the drama, doubt, and deception in the house.”

T.J. Lavin will be back to host — in a handsome suit, no less, as evidenced by the exclusive trailer above.

As Bananas warns, “I hope you wore protection, ’cause this Challenge is about to get hot,” so here are the 28 challengers who will be duking it out:

Alicia Wright (Original series: Are You the One? season 5; rookie)
Brad Fiorenza (Original series: 2004’s The Real World: San Diego; last Challenge: 2010’s Cutthroat)
Cara Maria Sorbello (Original series: Fresh Meat II; last ChallengeDirty 30)
Cory Wharton (Original series: The Real World: Ex-Plosion; last ChallengeChamps vs Stars)
Devin Walker (Original series: Are You the One? season 3; last ChallengeDirty 30)
Eddie Williams (Original series: Are You the One? season 5; rookie)
Jemmye Carroll (Original series: 2010’s The Real World: New Orleans; last ChallengeDirty 30)
Johnny Bananas (Original series: The Real World: Key West; last ChallengeChamps vs Stars)
Joss Mooney (Original series: MTV U.K.’s Ex on the Beach; rookie)
Kailah Casillas (Original series: The Real World: Go Big or Go Home; last ChallengeDirty 30)
Kam Williams (Original series: Are You the One? season 5; rookie)
Kayleigh Morris (Original series: MTV U.K.’s Ex on the Beach; rookie)
Kyle Christie (Original series: MTV U.K.’s Geordie Shore; rookie)
Leroy Garrett (Original series: 2011’s The Real World: Las Vegas; last ChallengeDirty 30)
Marie Roda (Original series: The Real World: St. Thomas; last ChallengeDirty 30)
Melissa Reeves (Original series: MTV U.K.’s Ex on the Beach; rookie)
Natalie Negrotti (Original series: Big Brother 18; rookie)
Nelson Thomas (Original series: Are You the One? season 3; last ChallengeDirty 30)
Nicole Ramos (Original series: Battle of the Bloodlines; last ChallengeDirty 30)
Nicole Zanatta (Original series: The Real World: Skeletons; last ChallengeInvasion of the Champions)
Rogan O’Connor (Original series: MTV U.K.’s Ex on the Beach; rookie)
Shane Landrum (Original series: Road Rules: Campus Crawl; last ChallengeInvasion of the Champions)
Sylvia Elsrode (Original series: The Real World: Skeletons; last ChallengeInvasion of the Champions)
Tony Raines (Original series: The Real World: Skeletons; last ChallengeDirty 30)
Veronica Portillo (Original series: Road Rules: Semester at Sea; last ChallengeDirty 30)
Victor Arroyo (Original series: Big Brother 18; rookie)
Zach Nicols (Original series: 2011’s The Real World: San Diego; last ChallengeChamps vs Stars)

The Challenge: Vendettas premieres Jan. 2 at 9 p.m. on MTV.
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