With the musical chair game intensifying in this presidency it’s hard enough for folks who learned political terms by watching CNN over a span of thirty years to know what’s going on let alone their next of kin. According to Journalism.org, when asked to choose among a list of nine topics, only a quarter (26%) of millennials listed government or politics in their top three interests. When asked why the twenty-somethings are less interested Jamie Kliver, a millennial, responded “Reading one of those news stories is like reading the Bible, it’s just a lot of words.” Conner McElroy, a twenty year old walking the streets of Manhattan answered something similar when he responded, “Beep bop boop” and started shaking profusely as if to short circuit. In an effort to reach millennials we have created some easily understandable acronyms for commonplace political terms to get them up to speed. In an attempt to inform millennial’s of the current political climate, we have written a comprehensive history of the Trump administration by portraying it as a liquor fueled BBQ.


OMG — Oh My God

POTUS-Piece of Total Ugly Shit

GOP — Guys Only Party

WH — White House

Wh — white hats

ANGTFT — Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That

BUOB — Bring Up the Obama Bailout

JOEO — Joy Of Executive Order

BGF — Best Guy Friend

BOD-Bag Of Douche

FOX-Illuminati Run Spin Doctors

OMG, the POTUS GOP had a BBQ and invited the Russians! The Russians can you believe it! The BBQ was at the WH. It was BUOB with Wh optional. Lame! Trump feeling JOEO restricted foreign steel and aluminum from effecting the integrity of the BBQ and banned anyone from outside the gated community from coming to the party especially Muslims. ANGTFT! He also kicked out Reince, Scaramucci, Harvey, Spicer, Shaub, Dubke, Comey and Flynn …all the guys we thought were his BGF’S! Sally Kates and Katie Walsh left too, but we all know he’s POTUS so…you know! By the end everyone had left but FOX, it was sooo out of pocket!

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