Don’t Be Suckered By The “Louder With Crowder” Alexa Con Job.

The Echo Never Really Said Jesus Is A Fictional Character.

Alexa is not the Anti-Christ.

Failed Fox News reporter Steven Crowder is desperately agitating to stay relevant. He has now adopted the Trumpy technique of relevance by dishonesty aimed at firing up his gullible conservative base. His most recent effort is a rapidly viraling out of control video supposedly demonstrating Amazon Echo’s “Alexa” describing Jesus Christ as a “fictional character” while describing Mohammed as a wise prophet. Posted on November 24th, the point of the video, entitled “Amazon’s Alexa is a CRAZY SJW LIBERAL,” is to demonstrate another supposed liberal conspiracy to brainwash the American people. Here’s the video, and it looks pretty convincing, doesn’t it?

After the shocking intro they start with a series of carefully selected questions whose liberal sins appear to be that they recognize multi-genders (as does science) and fails to condemn Mohammed or Islam.

But their blockbuster “exchange” with Alexa is one where there ask “who is Jesus Christ?” and Alexa appears to answer “Jesus Christ is a fictional character.” This answer is what has sent this video to viral status. They use it twice, as the lead to the video and then again at about 3:30 mark. I will focus on this one.

The trick behind the con job is pretty easy and just involves some very basic video editing. You can practice this at home with your Echo or test it with any friend’s Echo.

When they asked “who was the Lord Jesus Christ” did you notice that there was a cut before the Echo answered. Watch it again, and you will see the cut, it is right at the four second mark, as they cut to a different camera.

Don’t you wonder what happened during that cut? Here’s what happened. If you say “Alexa Simon says . . .” Alexa will answer with whatever you follow after that. So during the cut one of them said “Alexa, Simon says Jesus Christ is a fictional character.” After saying that they start the film again with Alexa following their instruction to say “Jesus Christ is a fictional character.” Louder and Crowder then act suitably indignant and appalled.

That is how this con job was done. It really is that simple. They added to the realism by making it look like a simple switch of camera perspectives that they use throughout the video. However, any switch in camera perspective allows for a longer cut to set the up the “Simon says” answer with Alexa. The cut is perfectly timed between the question and the answer to allow setting up the “Simon says” answer from Alexa.

In terms of tapping into the outrage of the gullible conservative sheeple base, it seems to be working. In just the first two days it has received over 700,000 hits on YouTube so it should easily bust a million. Numerous comments express outrage with pledges to never order anything from Amazon again or purchase the Echo.

This produces damages raising the Louder With Crowder stunt to actionable defamation. However that too may be part of the plan. Crowder and YouTube will likely receive a legal notice from Amazon. YouTube will take the defamatory video down. Crowder will then crow that he has been censored by the liberal machine suppressing free speech. The great liberal machine suppressing conservative speech is one of the favorite persecution oriented conspiracy theories of conservative nutter base.

The truth is the video is a hoax and Amazon should be able to shutdown speech damaging to its business that is a lie.

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