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Trump Jabs CNN, CNN Knocks Out Trump

For Trump, that’s two humiliations in as many days via the media.

Twenty-four hours removed from feuding with Time magazine, Donald Trump turned his sites to his favorite scapegoat: CNN.

Upset about the near-daily criticism he receives for doing a pretty awful job as commander-in-chief, Trump loves to blame someone. It’s usually the media, since they’re the ones that report the constant missteps and in-fighting in the White House. CNN is Trump’s most frequent target, though the news channel rarely directly responds to any of Trump’s antics.

Unfortunately for Trump, CNN snapped back today, and it wasn’t pretty for him.

It started when Trump kissed the asses of his own ass-kissers at Fox News.



Of course, Fox News is a consistent fear-mongering, fact-twisting, conspiracy-theorizing, right-wing outlet who editorialize virtually every piece of news and masquerade themselves as a journalistic endeavor. Calling them “important” in any way beyond showing the value of the First Amendment is ridiculous.

To throw a jab at CNN — not a perfect saint, mind you — in the missive was a step too far for the Turner-owned outlet.



Oof, that’s a total body blow by CNN: a counter-punch that was delivered quickly, accurately and concisely. That’s about as brutal as it gets from a news organization.

Of course CNN is correct; it’s their job to curate and deliver the daily news, not represent the United States to the world. Trump should be less focused on the programming on cable television and more focused on effectively representing the U.S. on the world’s stage.

Trump needs to exit the ring before someone else joins the fracas and he gets humiliated by a media outlet for the third straight day.

311 days in, 1151 to go

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