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Investigation of Trump’s Sexual Misconduct must be held by the Congress

Recently, thanks to the powerful women who now speak up and set examples when it comes to sexual assault that the victim must not be ashamed and they must not hide, many powerful men with long histories of alleged sexual assault are being held accountable of their actions. Well many except one that is the president of United States of America, Mr. Donald Trump. With women speaking up about what they have experienced and the authorities actually paying attention and taking action against the criminal irrespective of their status in the society, Trump should also be held accountable for what he has done.

When it comes to evidence and victims, Trump has a decent pattern and he, himself said on “Access Hollywood” tape, when he spotted a woman he said that he is automatically attracted to women and he just starts “kissing” them right after seeing them, it is like a magnet, he is attracted to beautiful women, he does not even wait, he just kisses and the women do not mind because apparently Trump considers himself as a star. After seeing that woman, Trump initiated the conversation by saying that he could use some Tic Tacs in case if he starts kissing the woman.

A total of thirteen women have gone on record against Donald Trump and they said that the way he described is exactly how he operates, According to a Washington Posts’ tally. Eight of them claimed that they were groped and kissed by the current president and the women did not ask for it i.e. there was no invitation or permission included. They did tell the incidents to some other close people before putting it all out in public.

Powerful people like television host Charlie Rose, Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore, veteran Rep. John Conyers, D-Mich etc. They all are prominent men who got accused of sexual assault and they are being held accountable for what they did. None of these proudly accepted their actions, unlike Trump. Allegations against Harvey Weinstein are also quite similar to those against Trump but the outcome is so different that it is very saddening. There are cases filed against Trump but his lawyers are trying to get the case dismissed. Trump did win the elections despite all the allegations against him but now the tables are turning and all these powerful men that assaulted women thinking that they can’t be harmed are now being investigated. Charlie Rose, for example, went from one of the most respected figures in journalism to being jobless and is now a disgrace. Women that worked around many powerful men claimed that they never experienced any ill-mannered behavior. Whereas when it comes to people like Trump and Weinstein, women all around them accused them of inappropriate behavior. Trump did post some tweets about Franken calling him “Al Frankenstein”. He is completely ignoring or is being quite silent about the whole new wave of a cultural shift where women are speaking up and they are being listened to.

Moore, the Republican candidate who is accused of molesting a 14-year-old girl and creeping in local malls in search of young girls in his 30s. He denied all these allegations and in a very weird, creepy way said that he never dated a girl without her mother’s permission. Trump jumped in all this by repeating the senseless line that Moore’s supporters say that why did the accusers wait so long to make these charges since 40 years is a long time according to Trump. This is, to be quite frankly, an idiotic statement. Not all women are comfortable with speaking up and sharing what they went through since it can be quite traumatizing.

Weinstein’s fall did result in the fall of many other powerful men. Congress must investigate the multiple believable allegations against Trump and serious measures must be taken if those allegations are proven right.

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