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Masterson’s alleged crimes

Danny Masterson’s Publicist Suggested a Woman Can’t Be Raped by A Man She’s In A Relationship With

Jenni Weinman, who is a long time publicist of actor Danny Masterson recently made a call which got recorded and obtained by Huff Post. In that call, Jenni Weinman was suggesting a woman who is accusing Masterson of the rape. That woman is one of the four women who is accusing Masterson of rape and Weinman was suggesting her that a woman in a relationship with a man can claim rape against him. During the whole call, Jenni Weinman remained disconcerted when she was presented with accusations that Danny Masterson had raped women when they were unconscious.

Two of them has told Huff Post that Weinman herself played a vital role in hiding the crimes committed by the Masterson. The role that Weinman played was to threaten the victims and to cover up the crime alleged by Masterson. According to victims, she was urging and threatening them to keep them silent. In case you don’t know, Los Angeles’s police department and county district attorney office are already investigating the case of Masterson. The investigation is now one year old since the Masterson was accused by four women in case of rape. Two out of four women were in the relationship with Masterson, and they alleged Masterson at that time when they were committed to him.

Those two women have informed police that they get raped after spiking their drinks. They lost their consciousness, and then Masterson violently raped them. But attorney of Masterson has disputed this term by saying that according to a Scientologist, Masterson has a strict anti-drug policy. Although the investigation is now one year old, and it is being led by a top prosecutor in the district attorney’s office, but it doesn’t seem to have any effect on Masterson’s career. He is even planning to start a Netflix show. This show will be named after The Ranch, and his co-star Ashton Kutcher from That 70’s show will be helping him in the show.

On the other hand, Netflix has told Huff Post that they are aware of the accusation of rape against Danny Masterson, but they cannot terminate or suspend Masterson’s account by accusations, and they cannot even wait for the pending results. Masterson himself has denied all the allegations made by the four women. Coming back to Weinman, she was interviewed by the Huff post in which she told them that she respects the law and she will not do anything to cover up any crime or will threat people to not raise their voice. But she thinks that being a publicist it is her job to gather information and to use it for the media matters. She further stated that she felt a consensual relationship between Chrissie and Danny, which then turned into a friendly relation after the breakup. She said that she is surprised that she is claiming a rape after 16 years and trying to be a victim. When asked about the recorded call she said that she called the victim only to know that why she waited so long and why now she is accusing Danny. She believes that it is now illogical to claim it after such a long time.

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It is almost 20 years that Weinman is a publicist for Danny Masterson and before him, she has already represented Travis Barker a musician, Eric Balfour an actor and Masterson’s brother Christopher Masterson. She was also linked to an anti-vaccination film named as Trace amounts in which the directors have promoted that the vaccination is very much linked to autism. Weinman name has been listed in the police report as a witness, and it was not other than a victim who does this. It was Huff Post who investigates the case on their own and found that audio clip from a source.

This phone call was on October 2016, and it was made after a tweet from the victim Chrissie Bixler. In that tweet, Chrissie wrote that “Because your boyfriend tells you it’s not rape if you’re in a relationship and then his church covers it up. #Why Women Don’t Report.” After that, the hashtag went viral, and women started to share their stories about why they haven’t reported their allegation to law enforcement. Bixler and Masterson were in a relationship for six years, and according to her, she was raped twice by Masterson when she was not conscious. Bixler further included that it was 2001 when she woke up one morning and her anus was bleeding. She then asked Masterson about what happened, and he said that they had anal sex last night. But Bixler told him that she was not in the condition to consent, and then Masterson silenced her by saying that you are making me feel bad.

Because Bixler was a Scientologist that time she was aware of the rules and that is why she filled a knowledge report to the Church ethics office. Although, the church has a very key policy according to which a Scientologist cannot report any other Scientologist to law enforcement. In case she filed the report, she will be declared a suppressive person. Though Bixler filed the report, she was told by the church that it cannot be considered as rape because you were in a relationship with him. Bixler stated that she was threatened by the church as well to remain silent about this case and they force her to sign an agreement to release Danny from all the claims.

But in 2016, Bixler decided to call Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network and she told them about the rape case. She then got officially separated from the church because she thought that the church is washing her brain and making her believe that a person in the relationship cannot be raped. Bixler also tweeted the definition of rape, and she tagged Danny Masterson in the tweet. Then Marty Singer, who was the attorney official of Masterson sends a cease letter to Bixler’s husband. It is because her husband has retweeted the post, but then they deleted the tweet after they got the letter.

It is because of the tweets that Bixler heard of the other victim of Masterson. It was victim B who called Weinman and that she was told that Danny cannot rape Bixler as they fucked each other for years after they broke up. But according to Bixler they only slept together three times after they broke up. Victim B, on the other hand, claims that she was blacked out at a party in Masterson’s home and she then awoke to him raping her. It was Weinman, who dropped her at Masterson’s home when she was completely conscious. However, Masterson’s attorney has denied that Masterson has never placed any drugs in his guest’s drinks. They said that he is a Scientologist and follows a strict anti-drug policy. He follows it not for himself only, but his guests as well. That is why the possibility of such situation is equal to null.

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Danny Masterson’s Publicist Caught On Tape | HuffPost News

Danny Masterson’s publicist, Jenni Weinman, is caught on tape dismissing Chrissie Bexler’s rape allegations against Masterson because Weinman alleges rape cannot happen when a couple is in a relationship.

Posted by HuffPost on Wednesday, November 22, 2017


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