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Al Franken apologizes for his inappropriate gestures towards women

Ah, sadly this happens again. Sexual harassment has become a theater play for men these days where everyone from workers to politicians like Al Franken keep their desperate eyes on women. Democratic Senator Al Franken has also been a part of this dirty game for quite long. He too took a number of women as an object for his pleasure. On Nov 16, radio anchor Leeann Tweeden discloses in her blog post that she was sexually harassed by Al Franken who forcibly kissed her when they were on a USO tour to perform for troops in the Middle East. Lindsay Menz tweeted that Al Franken groped her butt while posing for a photo with him in Minnesota State Fair in 2010.

Democratic Senator Al Franken was brought under the spotlight by none other than the victimized women themselves. It is not the first time that Al Franken did some hanky panky acts with women. Prior to this new case he had been accused by a number of other women. Two women, who did not reveal their identity, told media on Wednesday, Nov 22, that almost a decade back in 2008 during a fundraiser event, held as a campaign for senate, they had to pose with him where the Senator intentionally touched his buttocks. How disgusting! The other woman, accompanying her, confessed that the evil Senator shamelessly proposed her to join for some good time in the bathroom. His intentions and actions show that he never misses a chance.

When the reactions of these women were inquired they told that they were pretty shocked at that very moment as it is no less than some insult. The second woman told that on the spot her reactions were of pure disgust and later she was actually quite disappointed. The reactions of these women, who bravely exposed Al Franken, are not less than natural. That is how you feel when somebody is trying to rob you. Al Franken literally crossed his limits for not only them but many other women too. For him it might not be a big deal

After the two women brought Al Franken to the sensitive issue how was it possible to keep himself quiet. He played his cards too well. Initially, he gave a statement where he clearly refused to accept any such accusation. He told that it was pointless to talk about any unknown woman accusing him of something which he had not done. Moreover, he also added that he does not remember any fund raising campaign for senate back in 2008.

That is not all. The story does not end here.

Exactly the next day, on Thursday, after being accused he gave a detailed response to a media platform to wash off the accusation. He told that he is a busy icon and it is a part of his routine to meet thousands of people daily. He takes numerous photographs with known and unknown people in chaotic and hassled events and places. He tells that he is a warm person and hugs people on a formal note. Recent stories about his manners have given him a clear idea that how ‘inappropriate’ they have been for women. He admits that intentionally or unintentionally he did cross the line of decency for women. He shows respect for women by stating that some women found his welcoming and warm gestures for hugs and photos inappropriate. Furthermore, he says that he had been thinking about this matter quite a lot and he feels terrible that because of him many women felt uneasy. He asks for forgiveness and says “sorry”. He promised to regain their trust.



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