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Mueller’s interview with Hope Hicks may signal he’s closing in on the target

Trump‘s lawyer has just stated that Mueller is getting close to wrapping up his investigation and if business insider is not wrong, then he will be the most accurate lawyer then anyone. According to the report from Politico, Mueller is considering to interview the communication directors of the White House. And this interview of Hip Hocks indicates that the investigation of threads of Russia is now moving into the final stages. But, how the interview of Hocks can indicate that the investigation is about to get the finish?

This is because of that according to Politico the investigation is about to cross the finish line when you get someone who is the right hand or has been the primary target. Hicks was the press secretary and surrogate of Trump during the election campaign, and she was also the firewall of Trump‘s emails. The nasty emails have to be sent to the trump, they were forwarded first to hick and then they reach trump. This makes hick an important person to be investigated because she was involved in the big decisions of Trump.

The reason why Mueller is aiming to interview is that the 29 years old Hick is one of the biggest whoppers of the 2016 campaign. Hick stated earlier that there was no communication with the foreign entity at the time of the campaign, but that is now considered as a lie told by her. This is because she was involved in a loop of communications about Russia at the time of this statement. She was involved in another misleading statement when she was with the president of the Air force.

The allegation on hick doesn’t end here because when she was in direct communication with Russia, she was also in touch with the various levels of scheming to get rid of James Comey who is a former director of FBI. It is believed that she has involved in Trump and Miller collaboration from the beginning to the end. Hick was there at the Trump tower meeting when trump was in direct communication with the Wiki leaks. This is another foreign entity which is involved in communication during the campaign. Hick was emailed directly by the junior at that time.

Further misleading statements of Hick is about the meeting of Trump with Kushner, Manafort and Russian emissary. Mueller is already discussing all of this with his crew, but they are not considering her as a witness. She is just considered as a part of all the cover-up. Trump took the help of hick in placing all the best people at the best places. However, hick was a Ralph Lauren model at that time and had no experience with the politics and government. She first signed with Ivanka Trump to do publicity of her clothing line. But after five months she found in Trump Tower. She was then picked up by the Trump as his press secretary.

This is why Hick is included in the investigation. Although she was not named in any criminal wrongdoing, Mueller has requested to interview Hick. He believes that Hick can help him in reaching a critical point of the overall investigation. The reason why it is considered to be a final target is that the conversation like these are or with such senior aides are saved for the end. Friends of Hick on the other side think that she will cooperate with the special counsel and she will be smart enough to handle the situation without lying.


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