20 Things Women Can Do To Support Men, Besides Just Literally Ceasing To Think Misandry Is OK

In response to the many articles lecturing men about how they can be better men, here are my twenty suggestions for women who want to stop being misandrists. I’m assuming you don’t wish to continue to be a sexist; if you don’t care, feel free to go back to whatever you were doing.

1. Don’t talk to every man as you would to the worst man you can think of, but as an individual you have to get to know, like he was an actual human being and not a feminist cliché. I’m not responsible for the harassment, violence, stupidity and/or crimes of the current Man It’s Hip to Hate. I’ve got plenty of flaws — as do you, as do all women and men — so don’t paint me with the same brush with which you paint the current Evil Man in the News. There are plenty of evil men and evil women; that doesn’t give you the excuse to treat me like I’m one of them.

2. — 20. Nothing. I don’t expect you to think like me, support the organizations I support, believe what I believe, vote as I vote, talk the way I want you to talk, read what I want you to read. I just don’t have the time or desire to tell people what to do so they conform to my worldview. I’m only requesting that you stop judging people based on their skin tone, gender or political affiliation, and do something that’s genuinely difficult but infinitely rewarding: Treat people as individuals, not as part of a herd you feel comfortable hating.

Have a nice day — as with everything above, that’s a request, not an order.

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