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Internet Defenders Urge Mass Revolt to Fight FCC’s Scorched-Earth Attack on Net Neutrality

 Ajit Pai is currently the chairman of FCC which is soon handling the internet to a few humongous gatekeepers. Those gatekeepers will see the users as the products that need to be delivered rather than a citizen that needs communication for the sake of democracy and to serve its needs. According to open internet advocates, there is very little time available now to save the web.

For those who don’t know about the net neutrality, here is a brief look. Net neutrality is a principle according to which internet providers such as Verizon and Comcast should not control what we see and do online. This Tuesday the chairman of FCC revealed the most awaited plan to scarp the net neutrality. Critics seem a little aggressive as they slammed it as naked corporatism. According to them, it is designed as a gift for the telecom industry and all the expenses will be bearded by the public.

Former FCC commissioner who is also a current advisor at Common Cause Michael Copps assumed it as a wrecking ball which will strike back soon. He feels that this scorched earth plan for net neutrality is a disregard for both processes and substances. He believes that this net neutrality plan will be a disaster for the consumers and it might start to be considered as a big business. Not only the former commissioner is showing its dissatisfaction with the plan, but a policy director at the free press is also considering this plan a nonsense.

There are many reasons why Matt Wood is considering this plan of Ajit Pai as nonsense. Mark Wood said that the plan would ignore the will of the people. It will neglect people who support these protections. Another fact which makes it nonsense is that it is ignoring the law and courts and also the vibrancy of the internet marketplace. Mark Wood thinks that this plan from Pai can destroy the online innovation and flourishment. These are some of the assumptions of the critics but what Pai and its corporate breaker think is completely different.


According to them it is an effort made by them to restore and regain the internet freedom. However, critics believes that the plan will do exactly the opposite and it will allow telecom companies to block the online content. Not only the blockage of content but they will charge more for the services as well. Senior policy analyst at American Civil Liberties Union has a completely different take on this. Jay Stanley strongly believes that internet rights are the rights of civil and net neutrality will affect the freedom of online speech. Though the corporations like comcast, AT&T and Verizon will get extra power regarding information.

But this plan from Pai has attracted many corporations as they will get a massive handout from FCC. Verizon is already encouraging this plan from FCC and they are clearly in the favor of net neutrality. In case these proposals get approved the FCC will vote in December. Although there is no immediate plan to replace net neutrality but there seems to be a how to approach. It is a quite clear observation that net neutrality promises a departure of current rules and it is quite obvious that it will result in blockage and slowing of websites. The only way to speed them up will be to pay extra fees o the providers..


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