Why we must leave.

Why we must leave.

The United Kingdom’s attempt to depart from the European Union has been tumultuous. The departure has seen legal battles, unpredictable elections, business pressure and much more. This has to lead to parliament getting a vote to approve the negotiated settlement; Which makes the final outcome unpredictable. Therefore, this essay will restate why the United Kingdom should leave the European Union.

Histories narrative demonstrates a constant fight between the ancient regime and the revaluation; One is always besting the other. However, this is not the only narrative within history. There is also the fight between the illegitimate government and legitimate government; Between, tyranny and liberty.

Governments have many characteristics. The illegitimate government has many characteristics that are disreputable and often tyrannical. When a government is tyrannical, the boisterous energy of liberty is placed in chains and blood will eventually run into the drains.

However, the European Union is not a tyrannical power structure. It does, however, have the characteristics of illegitimate government. Thus, it has the potential to become a tyrannical government. One of the main characteristics of an illegitimate government is the centralization of power. Within the European Union, power is centralized in the Commission- the executive branch of government.

The Commission is the only place where legislation can be proposed, prepared and implemented. The Commision has a monopoly on external affairs, economic matters and so much more. All of these powers, have no checks or balances on them. Therefore, power is exercised without the consent of peoples representative. Consequently, meaning that power at the European level is exercised without consent and is thus, arbitrary. This model of government stands in complete defiance of democracy. This is just one of the reasons that Britain should leave the European Union.

The second reason Britain must leave the European Union is to due its open, internal borders or more precisely, the fact that open boards could lead the way to European militarization. Given the unchallenged nature of the European executive, a perpetual standing army would be one of the biggest threats to the liberties of all its citizens. This is because, the evaporation of borders within the union would mean a rapid mobilization towards militarization to defend the union from external threats. This would not be a concern if the executive had some accountability but it does not and there is no doubt that the executive would be in charge of this military; War abroad often means tyranny at home. This is just another reason why Britain must leave.

The European Union in itself is an anti-democratic, centralized- potential- war state that lacks the consent of its people to rule them. These are just some of the reasons why Britain must leave the European Union.

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