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Ron Jeremy accused of sexually assaulting women

Porn star, Film maker and stand-up comedian, Ron Jeremy, who is 64 years old, was accused of sexually assaulting multiple women including celebrity porn stars. Allegations on him begin in June 2017, when porn star, Ginger Banks, released a video that had the details of several sexual misconducts against Ron Jeremy. In reaction to which, Jeremy, gave a statement in which he explained that different people come up to him, including fans and touch him in his private areas and are ask him to touch them in theirs. Further he said that in all the videos uploaded by Ginger Banks he is not the only one groping his fans, but his fans are doing the same and he’s not making a big deal out of it because none of it is serious. He also said that people run up to him and expect him to grope them because that is a part of his job, he doesn’t willingly go to them and touch them.

Jeremy was not only accused of groping his fans, but he was accused of so much more than that. Seeing Ginger banks standing up to this issue, another porn star, Jenifer Steele also reportedly gave a statement saying that Ron Jeremy raped her two times back in the 1990’s. The first time she was raped was when he booked a photoshoot for them in which they would stimulate sex and while that shoot, Jeremy started getting physical even when she tried to stop but he pretended like he didn’t hear her, further, Jenifer explained that she didn’t understand what had happened. The same day, she agreed to go with him in his apartment but said she doesn’t want to get physical as she has a boyfriend but that didn’t stop Jeremy from raping her once again. Back firing on this, Jeremy told the magazines that why would she agree to go with me to my apartment on the first place? This is all a lie.

Another celebrity, Danica Dane also shared her experience of Ron Jeremy sexually assaulting her in 2014 at expo and she gave a hard evidence by bringing in three other women, including adult star, Nina Hartley, supporting her claim and saying that she did mention it to them when this happened.

He hasn’t just been accused of applying physical force on celebrities but a journalist also reported that in 2009, Ron Jeremy touched and kissed her on her mouth without her will. Another journalist present at that time supported her claim.

Julia Ann, another porn star accused Jeremy of massaging her leg In Jamaica without her consent. She also mentioned that she doesn’t fear the fact that he did something to her but the fact that nobody would listen to her because everyone liked Ron and would say Ron wouldn’t do something like that. In reaction to which, Ron claimed that the resort they were present in at Jamaica is the nudist resort in the whole world and she’s accusing me of massaging her leg years ago? This is pathetic.

Adult film star, Jay Taylor also confirmed that Jeremy was sexually harassing her while taking a photograph with her and this photograph was taken by her boyfriend, who also supported her claim and said that Jeremy digitally penetrated her while posing for a photo. Jeremy denied any of this happening and said this is an awful mistake, she agreed to take a picture with me.

All the women that accused Ron Jeremy of sexually assaulting them, did not file a report against him because they said that no one would take porn stars seriously. They said that the main drawback of being a female porn star is that people think we ask for these things to happen to us but we deserve to be heard. However, except this, there were two other incidents that were reported to the police by fans. Ann Arbor, in 1997, filed a report against Jeremy to the police in account of raping her at the strip club in Michigan. Even after her courageous act of filing a report, one of her friends, who was present there at

that time, denied her report and so no charges were filed against Jeremy and he also claimed not raping anyone.

Similarly, in 2007, another women accused Jeremy of groping her and signing her breast without her permission. Many other women accused Jeremy of groping them without their permissions in public. To which, Ron Jeremy gave a statement saying that he is a groper because he is paid to do so. Since he is a porn star it is a part of his job to touch people and allow himself to be touched in public. And even though he’s not as young as other celebrates in the line, he still knows how to grab the attention of his fans and draw a crowd.

Further, Ron also said that he has never raped anyone in his entire life and people who think so literally break my heart. He even said that if you check my records, you won’t find anything filed against me neither have I spent a single day in court or jail. Even the police have checked out the old accusations and how he behaved in crowds and they said that Jeremy did nothing wrong or illegal. The police asked him if he wanted to file a report against the people who are making fault accusations on him but he refused to do so. He also added that everything he does is a part of his job, including touching and being touched and that he is sorry if anyone ever felt offended In any way because those were never his intentions. He is paid to make people feel something, he is not a regular celebrity like Kevin Spacy or so, he is a porn star and all he does is his job. He also said that if anyone furthermore would charge him for rape, he would sue them.


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