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Impeach Trump? An invalidation might be more appropriate.

These are just some passing thoughts I have had. Mine is a mind that likes to entertain scenario’s and war game what those scenarios could end up meaning. If you don’t like my words, or don’t like the subject line, don’t read them.

The words were spoken again this week, though not for the last time. I am sure numerous people have talked about a Trump Impeachment ever since November 20th 2016. Having members of the House say it on the floor is another matter altogether.

As the controversy surrounding Trump grows by the day, the very real possibility of impeachment grows as well. Obstruction of Justice? Collusion? Treason? Whatever the final verdicts end up being, it seems obvious to state that we live in interesting times. How we respond in these times will probably be historic.

Will We The People have the courage?

There are a few questions I have been wondering for over a year now. One question is, when the times comes and all of the real & ugly truth’s all come out, will we the people have the courage to see this situation through to it’s rightful end?

Meaning, if this President truly did actively collude with a foreign power to gain control of the Presidency, wouldn’t that be Treason? If the act of collusion is not proved, but other treasonous activities are, the same basic question still stands. Will we the people demand that our government follow through on the full prosecution of these crimes of Treason and demand no less than the fullest punishment allowed? A sentence of death would be very extreme, and is also highly unlikely. Rather, honest and unpardonable jail time and a financial penalty significant enough to cause pause for a “billionaire”. 8 or 9 zero’s should be the minimum. A president who has used his position of power to enrich himself should be utterly bankrupted if they were convicted of treason.

But again, none of that matter’s if the will of the people is not there.

Implications of Collusion to win the Presidency

Aside for our will to follow through, there is something else altogether to consider. If indeed it is proven that there was collusion with a foreign power in an effort to win the Presidency, that is a crime. If that is a crime, and one that comes to be levied against this President, then the President would be removed from office. These facts seem to be well understood to those who consider what this all may end up meaning in the end.

But additionally, if one colludes with a foreign power to steal an election, and is caught and convicted, shouldn’t that conviction invalidate their entire Presidency?

Imagine the Constitutional Crisis that would ensue with that decision!

That decision seems to effectively say that the entirety of the Administration is invalid. Therefore, all actions taken directly by the Administration should then be revoked and rolled back. All policies taken as a direct result of the Administration should then be rolled back. How would that even work? Should that even happen? It would create such chaos on the one hand, but technically on the other hand, seems like it would also be the most honest thing to do.

Trump’s Administration seems to only produce Chaos

The very idea that that could possibly happen just adds to the unending slew of chaos this Administration is levying on America.

I am obviously not a Trump supporter and don’t need people jumping all over my shit because I said that. To anyone who wants to beat me down because I bashed your guy, all I ask is tell me honestly how you would react had “the other guys” tried to pull off a stunt like that? If you would never put it past a Democrat to collude with a foreign power to steal an election, you are simply kidding yourself to believe your guys couldn’t also do the same thing? If a Democrat is capable of illegal behavior to get what they way, equally so is a Republican.

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