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Donald Trump accused on impeachment, Republic should be saved through an action taken by House

Many facts state that Trump is a threat to democracy and constitution. The constitution says that the House of Representatives have the right to remove any president on impeachment for high crimes and misdemeanor. When articles of impeachment were set against ex-president Richard Nixon in 1974, a question was raised that what constitutes high crimes or misdemeanor? To which, it was said that impeachment offenses are not only bound to criminal acts but also have constitutional wrongs that in any way distort the way things work in the government.

The high standards are said to be dealing with the impeachments on president Trump. How ever so, they were not all wrong but they did threaten the democracy and constitution of their culture. Five articles of impeachment were filled against trump. These articles include trump being accused of obstruction of justice and also to violate the constitutions that undermine the freedom of press. One investigation led by Robert Mueller in Russian interference in 2016 is supported because many relevant facts are available to public.

When it comes to obstruction of justice, we already know that Donald Trump fired James Comey who is a former FBI director because he was investigating potential collision between Russia and the Trump campaign. To make this strong, Trump even mentioned on national television that he fired comey because of this case. Furthermore, Donald Trump jr. met with Russian attorney and tried to leak inappropriate information about Hillary Clinton just so that they could help him with this father’s campaign.

Trump has also violated the foreign and domestic emolument clauses. He has refused to release his tax returns and also is not divesting his assets or taking them into blind trust like all other modern predecessors. Due to all of this, foreign counties have been spending millions of dollars on properties branded by Donald Trump and even the United states of America is doing so. In all of this, Trump has his own ownership interest. Trump was also prohibited from taking any of these payments so that no one would have his corrupt influence on them.

Trump very proudly, visits his branded properties and uses the money of federal government to make these appearances. For instance, the kingdom in Saudi Arabia paid 270,000 dollars to trump to pay a visit to the international hotel in Washington, D.C. he also spent at least 140,000 dollars in secret services for golf cart and more than 1000 dollars for two night of logging at Mar-a-lago.

People like trump should be taken away and by claiming all these facts, there should be a chance of reconsidering the elections because that’s how strong these impeachments are. Now, the house should take a wise action and have an impeachment inquiry on trump otherwise the democracy of the United states of America has been handed over to the wrong man and there would be no state to follow if this keeps going on.


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