The price of being a predator

The public allegations against Harvey Weinstein, which first came to light over a month ago in the New York Times, started a domino effect of powerful men being called out for their inappropriate behavior towards men and women alike.

Why it matters:

These men are losing everything: book deals are falling through, lawsuits are being filed, they’re quitting their jobs (or being forced out), losing their companies, and more. This sends a message to predators throughout industries: if you abuse your power and position, you will lose.

The price of being a creep:

  • Harvey Weinstein –

    lost his company, and is under investigation


    The Manhattan district attorney is seeking approval for an indictment as early as next week.

  • Kevin Spacey –

    replaced in upcoming film “All the Money in the World,” dropped by his agency, publicist, and Netflix.

  • Mark Halperin –


    his book deal, an HBO series, and contributing spots with NBC and MSNBC


  • James Toback –

    dropped by his talent agency.

  • Michael Fallon –

    resigned as U.K. defense minister.

  • Michael Oreskes

    resigned as NPR news chief.

  • Roy Price –

    resigned as Amazon Studios director.

  • Leon Wieseltier –

    financial support for his magazine was


    before launch.

  • John Besh

    stepped down

    as CEO of Besh Restaurant Group, Harrah’s New Orleans Casino has cut relations with the company.

  • Brett Ratner –

    Warner Bros.

    severed ties

    with the director, and Playboy Enterprises is shelving projects in which he’s involved.

  • Lockhart Steele –


    from Vox Media as editorial director.

  • Chris Savino


    by Nickelodeon.

  • Kirk Webster –

    lost his country music PR company (which changed its name to Westby PR) and was dropped by clients like Randy Travis, Dolly Parton, and Kid Rock.

  • Terry Richardson –

    Condé Nast International

    cut ties

    with the fashion photographer.

What to watch for:

There are several men who have been accused (U.S. Senate candidate Roy Moore, Sen. Al Franken) who have not yet faced consequences.

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