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More Photos Emerging From Franken & Tweeden’s USO Tour. They speak for themselves.

As the ratfucking Republican operatives try to weaponize the MeToo movement and use liberals’ decency against us, more photos are emerging from that USO Tour Tweeden and Franken were on. Good thing for her that she went to a small news outlet that didn’t bother to verify the story or get evidence from other people who witnessed events.


The one photo shows her grabbing a guitarist’s ass. Look at the way her eyes and mouth are scrunched over toward the guy. She’s definitely grabbing his ass.

The last photos posted here shows the the two  kissing. She’s got her arm around his neck tightly and nothing her body language says “I’m repulsed”. The wide shot shows there are other people around them. She isn’t alone with Franken as she inferred.

There most likely will be more photos. No wonder she accepted his apology so quickly.

Photo of them kissing. Tweeden has her arm around Franken. She sure doesn’t look repulsed here.
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