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The Anti-Trump sticker on Truck goes Viral

The anti-Trump sticker posted on the back of a truck has been the center of attention.

The Sheriff Troy Nehls from the Fort Bend County posted a photo on his Facebook wall. It was the picture of the back of a pickup truck that was white in color. It had a big sticker that says ‘F*** Trump and f*** yourself for voting for him”

Nehls added the photo caption that suggested that their prosecutor was willing to accept the charges of disorderly conduct. He further mentioned the context of disorderly conduct in the comments section.

The driver of the truck spoke out to channel KPRC 2 on Wednesday.

The owner of the truck ‘Karen Forsenca’ said that the sticker had been there for almost eleven months and it is crazy that it suddenly got that much attention.

When she was interviewed about it her exact words were, “ I thought the whole thing was totally crazy. It is been on there for such a long time and we have so much positive out of it_more positive that outweighs the negative”

Forsenca said that she along with her husband had no plans to take down the decal. She further added that the sheriff Nehl should not have posted that picture on the Facebook, he should have reached out to her. She considered it a wrong approach and called it privacy invasion.

While Nehl said that he posted that picture because he was receiving many complaints regarding the indecent language that was used on the sticker.

During a press conference held on Wednesday, the sheriff said, “I want to reach out to the owner of this truck and say, ‘Hey, listen, the last thing we need to do is have any type of confrontation over the language on your truck’

Forsenca said that she drives that truck daily and she is not afraid at all. She thinks that the sticker brings a smile on a number of people’s faces and they enjoy it. She acknowledged the negative impact of the decal as well and justified it by stating the fact that we live in a diversified community.


Regarding the point of view of both the sheriff and truck owner, there are multiple different opinions about freedom of speech.

“I understand I have 12 children of our own, at the same time, what we have on the back of our truck is nothing compared to what you see every day on the music videos, see on TV and video games”, said Forsenca.

Karen Fonseca doesn’t think that she committed any offense against the law. She says that there is nothing absurd about the sticker and it is similar to what the TV and social media shows.

Brian Wice, a legal analyst of KPRC 2 takes it as a free speech issue. He said, “Is it a slow news day in Fort Bend County, or worse yet, isn’t there any real crime?” He thinks that even if some people find it offensive, nobody including the law enforcement has the right to criticize beliefs and opinions.

There were different types of comments on the Nehl’s Facebook post. Some supported him while some thought it was a matter of free speech. Some suggested that the law enforcement should be more concerned about the community’s high profile crimes.

Nehl’s comment in the favor of his post was, “It is important to respond to calls from residents, yes”

On Thursday morning, the sheriff deleted the post.

According to the statement released by Sherriff’s office to the KPRC 2, the objective of the post was to find the driver and now as she has been identified, he has removed the post.

Thursday afternoon, the Driver was arrested for fraudulent use of information.


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