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Two More Women Describe Unwanted Overtures by Roy Moore at Albama Mall

Roy Moore introduced himself to Gena Richardson when she was a high school senior working at the Gadsden Mall in the men’s department of Sears. Richardson further stated that the first encounter she had with Roy was in the year 1977 just before her 18th birthday and she stated that Roy who was a 30 year old attorney, pursuing woman in the mall at Gadsden, approached her and asked Richardson, “You can call me Roy”.

The overtures of Moore made all the woman uncomfortable and they all asked her to watch out for this guy, even one young woman made a complaint to her supervisor and asked Richardson too that she should be careful of Roy.

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Richardone states that Moore who is now a candidate for U.S senate, asked her where she went to school and also asked for her phone number but Gena refused to do so by telling Moore that her father would never approve her of that.

Moore asked Richardson out again by calling her when she was in school, attending the trigonometry class. Gena says that she was attending the lecture when she was called by the principal in his office and was told that there was a person who wanted to talk on the phone to her. This all continued for a while and then one day Gena accepted Moore’s offer and went on a date with him at a movie theatre in the mall, she was feeling both, nervous and flattered. However, the date went fine until Moree tried to forcefully kiss her in the dark parking lot. Gena says she got really scared after that “unwanted” and “forceful” kiss.

Now, that Richardson is 58 years old, she states that i never wanted to see him again and i didn’t even vote in the 2016 general election or in the this year’s Republican Senate primary in Alabama. There are four other women who faced such troubles with Moore and they all knew that Moore is just there to bother them and if they won’t pay attention to him, he will go away. One thing noted during all this was that whatever Moore did was between 1977 to 1982 when he was single. He was all alone, a well- dressed man who used to stay till late at the mall specially at the weekends, made all the woman feel very uncomfortable.

However, after so many allegations from different women that Moore touched them sexually, Moore and his lawyer started different tactics to defend what Moore did in his 30’s. In fact, in a recent interview, Moore completely denied what he did by saying that he can not recall what he did in his early 30’s and also, he stated that i don’t remember dating any girl without the permission of her mother. He also added that he thinks that the GOP establishment and the media, all are aligned against him and are trying to put him and his reputation down. However, the reactions of voters and elected officials is mixed on this matter and there is no clarity in what everyone is thinking about this case.

Press Secretary, Sarah Huckabee Sanders says that Moore should drop out himself if the allegations against him are true. President Donald Trump also ignored the questions asked regarding Moore that if he should quit the race or not.

The story of the Gadsden Mall is that is opened up in the year 1974 with a Sears at one end of the mall and a Pizitz department on the other side and there was a movie theatre in the middle of the mall. Moore returned in the year 1977 after attending his law school and after that time he started coming to the mall regularly. Becky Gray who was also working on the men’s department at that time stated that Moore used to come mostly on Friday and Saturday nights and ask her out but she constantly refused him by saying that she was already in a relationship with someone and she simply won’t accept the offer. She thought that Moore was old for her at that time, he was 22 and for Gray, anyone above 22 was old for her.

Gray further states that the persistent behavior of Moore made her really uncomfortable  as he used to linger around her all the time and even around the bathroom area, she became so scared that she made a complaint to the Pizitz manager, Von Spiegelfeld about it and he also told her that it is not the first time that i am getting a complaint about Moore and there have been many cases like Gray.


Richardson says that Moore used to stalk her daily and roam around her all the time while she was working at the men’s department of Sears. One of Richardson’s classmate, McLauglin who worked with her at the makeup department told that Moore never approached McLaughlin but the way he followed Richardson, it was clear that it is a pattern. She further added that “i hate to say but Gena was like my sister and everytime Moore came inn, i had to tell Gena to be careful and that here he comes.” McLaughlin said that it  was definitely odd, the way Moore asked Gena to call him Roy because we all have been taught to use the word Mr or Mrs to call someone. Also, when Moore asked for Gena’s number and she denied, it was all a very awkward and uncomfortable situation. She said that me and Gena used to talk about Roy Moore at times and that she told Gena that he was very old to be dated.


Gena stated that whatever happened with Moore was very shocking and she felt really scared after how he tried to force his tongue into her mouth and kiss her forcefull, Richardson had never been kissed that way before and she she got out of the car right at that moment and went in her own car.

Richardson told about this to her father and after that she never spoke to Moore again but now as the reality of Moore is revealing, Richardson says that i never imagined that it would happen to other women too and she thought that whatever happened with her, was an isolated incident which she never wanted to reveal. Thinking of how other women have been the victim of sexual harassment by Moore same as her, makes her feel really sick and she had to speak about the scary incident she had with Moore.

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