Spotify launches brand new emerging artist program called RISE

Spotify has already made its mark for being the hitmaker for emerging talent and newcomers, but recently, the company has transformed its prowess into a complete product. According to their official statement, RISE is designed to identify and break the next wave of music superstars.

Spotify leverages its platform for the newbies

According to a recent estimate, Spotify has about 140 million listeners. The idea behind RISE was to leverage this vast platform for marketing the new talent and help them in getting heard. The new artists will not only be promoted on Spotify but also on its editorially programmed playlists. Additionally, they will also be featured in TV ads, out of home advertising along with social and digital promotions.


Delta partners with Spotify on this new effort

Delta becomes the pioneer in partnering with Spotify. They have committed to showcasing the content from RISE on the seatback display of their aircraft with the help of its Delta Artist Spotlight program.

Spotify promises to create live events for each RISE artist

The company claims that it will arrange live events for every single RISE artist along with releasing audio and video content that explains the artist’s background in the form of a story. This effort is quite a revamped approached on Spotify’s part creating a twist to its original content ambition. However, as of now, the original audio and video content have not been taken off in spite of the company’s recurring attempts at making special, series and podcasts.

RISE kicks off initially with four artists and three countries

Four artists from different genres are selected to kick-start the RISE program. They include Kim Petras, a pop artist; Lauv, pop/rock artist; Russell Dickerson, a country singer; and Trippie Redd, a hip-hop artist. Initially, RISE is said to be operating in only the U.S., the U.K., and Canada. It will then continue to add new talent in the multiples of four after every few months, with the target to launch 16 artists each year.


The program supports artists on every level including the next generation superstars

Spotify’s Global Head of Creator Services, Troy Carter says that Spotify will be committed to supporting the careers of any level artist. This includes even the next generations of global superstars. Carter was the one who selected the debut talent for the launch of RISE. He was quoted saying “RISE is a powerful platform and an investment towards the future of emerging artists and the fans who discovered them first,” on the launch.

Spotify does not own the copyrights associated with the work of the artist

Although the company has not clarified on the details of its investment program, yet Carter informed Billboard that “significant resources” are being committed. He further clarified that the company will not be acting as a digital record label and is not going to claim the copyrights associated with the artists’ works. He also added that Spotify will not take any share of RISE artists’ touring and merchandise and nor the artist will be bound to work with any other label.

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