‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Co-Showrunner Teases ‘Mind-Blowing’ Plot Twists in Fall Finale

“Grey’s Anatomy” never goes quietly, and Thursday’s Season 14 fall finale will be no exception.

The medical drama’s co-showrunner Krista Vernoff has been teasing the upcoming episode, and she isn’t shying away from making big promises. Not only has she said it will be like an “edge-of-your-seat action movie,” she is promising a lot of shock value. Speaking with EW, she hinted there will be “mind-blowing” surprises.

Warning: Fall finale spoilers ahead!

Grey Sloan has been the site of so many tragedies and disasters, but the hospital’s staff is going to have to deal with one that comes in a whole new form: a cyber attack. It will be so bad that the FBI will have to get involved. In fact, Vernoff called the hacking “shockingly consequential.”

The idea for the episode came from Bill Harper, and at first, it sounds like Vernoff was unsure about it. She told EW her initial reaction was, “Isn’t the midseason finale usually a giant storm?” Harper laid out the stakes, though, telling her, “It’s a giant storm, the consequences of what happens when a hospital gets hacked in this way.”

“He pitched me these plot twists that were mind-blowing,” Vernoff said.

Color us intrigued. The hiatus has come quicker than we’d like (as always), but the episode sounds like it’ll bring the first part of the season to a close with a bang.

“Grey’s Anatomy” airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

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