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A decade after a sex scandal disgrace, this teacher seems to have turned her life around

Debra Lafave is known notoriously for having sex with her teenage student, but according to her biographer, he has turned over the new leaf.

In 2004, she became the headline of various new channels and newspapers when she was arrested for accuse of having a sexual relationship with her student who was just 14 years old at that time. Court documents confirmed that she had sex 3 times in four days with a young boy, once in front of this 15-year-old cousin.

Lafave was 24 years old at that time and he declared in the court that It was her great regret in life that she seduced a very young little boy, who was his own student.

In that time when sex scandals featuring female teachers and their student was considered very odd, an attractive blonde like her appeared as a brand ambassador of this notorious act at that time. She was punished brutally for her act, she was registered as a sex offender and court-ordered to sentence her for three years, house arrest and 7 years of probation.

Joe Zuniga who was her best friend and author of the book written as her biography named “Debra Lafave: A crown of beauty for ashes” stated that Lafave has turned her life around after her arrest in 2004.She has become an entirely different person from what she was when she was arrested as a criminal.

Her friend told People magazine that she is now a Christian and also a great mom, she got married few year ago and living her life happily, she avoids media. According to her media always chases her but she is willing to enjoy and live her life happily ignoring media and everyone who tries to make her remember about her past regrets.

In her late thirties, she is still recognizable but she keeps herself away from the limelight since her second marriage and having twin children.

She friend stated that everybody wants to contact her to learn more about her story. But she is not interested to become a headline again. She is just interested to live her life happily as a mom and a wife.

In her trial period, Lafave stated that she is very regretful for her actions and she also offered her deep and regretful sorry to the young boy with whom she had sex also from his family. According to her friend, he never tried to break her sorry again and she changed completely. She is entirely a new person now.

She also told the magazine that she never makes excuses for her act for which she was punished she always owned her notorious act and its consequences. She stated that if it is possible to reverse back the time; she would never do it again. She understands that her act was very shameful and it created a lot of problems for her. It was not just an act that gave a negative message to society but she also hurt many other people badly through this act and she is still regretful for her actions.


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