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Seb Gorka is back to his natural habitat.

Yes, they just did!


With a sweet twist to the tale, the directors at Fox news have deemed it fit to appoint former Deputy Assistant to President Donald Trump into their team amid his alleged Nazi links. It was announced to the world on Sean Hannity radio show at midday on Wednesday.


“Another addition to our Fox news team is Dr. Sebastian Gorka, who joins us as a national security strategist,” said Hannity.

Gorka appreciated Hannity and evoked ” a huge supporter.”


” You’ve been a huge supporter,” said Gorka, “of me and of what we, the present administration is doing and I am glad to be back once again to this family.”


At first, it seemed like he has been appointed before Hannity reported it on his show, but when Gorka was quizzed for comment before the announcements.

Gorka may have been appointed, but there is still a question mark on his head on where he belongs.


“The questions bored down to his military credentials, according to experts on Politico, they don’t add up- he also uses the title Dr as a Ph.D holder in political science, but his views and works don’t hold water as reported by Politico in February.

What else happened to the Nazi questions that were asked to Sebastian Gorka?

The antagonistic and contentious Trump adviser is back to his natural habitat.

In spite of his contentious record, Fox brought him back as ” National security strategist.”

Gorka contentious part of being a member of Nazi in Hungary does make it easy to swallow. In March, for example, he was reported to have ties with the body known as Vitezi Rend, which to the best of knowledge of the state department of security has affiliations with the Nazi government of Germany at the same time of World War II.

Speaking to Tablet Magazine, he Gorka swore ” I have no pledge to Vitezi Rend,” aftermath when the article was posted. “It dawned on me as a boy to respect my father’s authoritarianism that is why I wear the signature V. “he said.

He didn’t leave his position in the white house in months following these allegations.

Only for Gorka to leave in August following the step down of his friend, former White House Chief Strategist Steve Banon. It was also alleged that he quit his position, but sources in the White houses say that wasn’t the case.

In the periods of defending the decision against the liberals, Gorka was seen supporting the bombings on a Mosque. He also was a spearhead for white supremacist, not to be criticized.

In the wake of his departure, he labeled the adminstration weak on Islamophobia.

Such verbosity seemed to fit right with Fox news.

Fox news hired Laura Ingraham following top-notch interviews she gave to White House Chief of Staff John Kelly and President Trump in a short space of time on the channel. They are both known for their verbosity including the latter insisting on the killing of illegal immigrants and says ” Muslims don’t show support for conservatives” especially on anti-LGBT problems

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