Product Review: Safety First Tub & Shower Seat

I desired to do a short evaluation of a bath seat I offered currently to assist make my bathtub time much less hard. Yes, I stated best shower chair 2018. Ever when you consider that my pregnancy started out (with my center of gravity transferring off middle), I located that standing up in a warm bath for more than 10 minutes was just an excessive amount of to address.

Even more challenging has been accomplishing down towards my calves to shave my legs.

That’s why on my closing buying journey to Bed Bath and Beyond, I instructed my husband a bath seat changed into an ought to! I didn’t honestly know what to look for, just remembered I wished a small chair that could in shape within the bathe.

I didn’t genuinely suppose too much of it, but the fact that it emphasized safety was a prime promoting factor for an expectant mom.

Now that I’ve been using the seat for approximately months, I think it was a funding well worth making. It’s durable, long lasting and doesn’t slip when wet. It has made it easier for me to shave my legs and take a breather once I need to.

The most effective drawback to the seat is the scale — it takes up pretty a few area in our one stall bathe, that’s a piece stressful while you want to stand up and get a gentle rinse. Nonetheless, this shower seat became one, but I’m glad I made!

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