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Donna Brazile Has a Theory About Who Killed Seth Rich

Donna Brazile, who is a former head of the DNC (Democratic National Committee) seems worried about the death of Seth Rich. She said that Seth Rich was either killed for being white or Russian. As she claims it as a racial case, she writes in her book named Hacks that because she felt some responsibility for Seth’s death. According to Donna, she helped him in working on voting rights, but she was not the one who brings Seth into the DNC. She felt suspicious that Russians hacking has played some part in this murder and because the racial tensions were at high that summer, the murder can be a case of being white on the wrong side of the town.

Although the FBI has stated that they have not seen any Russian fingerprints at the place of the incident, Brazile keeps repeating that why she is haunted by Rich’s murder. Democrats are already considering it as a bank robbery gone wrong, and they have advised other as well to keep it that way only. But days before the Wikileaks started to publish its emails, the data Staffer from DNC was murdered, and his valuables were not taken as well.

Brazile also included that she met people who are connected to the intelligence community and she was told that she should get protection for herself as well. She was advised to install cameras, alarms and back power at her house and she is already taking the advice very seriously. She also included the only phone call that she did to Hillary Clinton after the election loss. She was so concerned about Rich’s death that she asked Hillary Clinton to contribute some money from her million dollar election campaign to set a reward fund. This reward fund can help us to find the actual suspect in this crime. But according to Donna Brazile, Hillary refused to do so.

Donna told Hillary Clinton that she knew about the 3 million dollar campaign that has set aside from the legal fund. She asked her for the help to get this lawsuit started by contributing some money as a reward. She asked her not to forget about the tragic murder of Seth Rich, and she further included how this reward money can be helpful in finding the suspect. Donna seems so concerned that she keeps repeating that they have not found the responsible person for the murder yet.

But Hillary Clinton replied that “You are right, but she will do what she can, but right now I am in a hurry, and I have to go.” According to Donna that was the last day she spoke to Hillary and till now she got no response from her side. However, people disagree with the purity of Brazile’s motive, but one certain thing is that she has managed to embarrass the Democratic party establishment. Also, the exposure of Clinton‘s campaign and the fundraising agreement will go a long way.

According to Rich’s family, Donna Brazile has been extremely supportive of them as she was the best friend of Rich and they appreciate the effort of Donna Brazile in finding the murderer of Rich.

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