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Donna Brazile, Please Go Away

Let’s start with the obvious: Brazile can write any book she wants, and publish it whenever she wants.

Now the seemingly less obvious: If she cares about the Democratic Party she used to lead, she wouldn’t have written the book she aptly titled “Hacks.” Nor would she have released it two weeks before critical elections in Virginia and New Jersey.

But she did. As a result, when GOP voters should be wondering whether there will be anyone left in the White House once Mueller has used up his indictments pad, the Trump Propaganda Network (a.k.a. Fox News) is having a field day talking about how the DNC “rigged” the 2016 election.

And some unfortunate footage of Elizabeth “Pocahontas” Warren seeming to agree with that assessment is helping to make their case.

All this is happening because Brazile’s book claims to have “proof” that control of the party was handed to Clinton in exchange for badly needed financing.

In early interviews about the book, Brazile seemed comfortable with the “rigged” description. But after a considerable amount of pushback from virtually everyone who ever voted Democratic, she’s now saying the election was “not rigged.”

Too late. Sean Hannity is making nightly demands for a special prosecutor to look into an election that their guy won, and using clips of Brazile (and Warren) to make his case.

Brazile’s book also revives the repeatedly debunked story about Hillary having Vince Foster killed, and suggests that after a pneumonia-ridden Hillary stumbled following a 9/11 cememony, Brazile nearly had her replaced with Joe Biden and Corey Booker.

It goes without saying that the chair of the DNC doesn’t have the right to override the will of the people, based on her own assessment of the candidate’s health.

This sort of sloppy, unthinking behavior is not surprising from a woman who used her role on CNN to leak a debate question to Hillary — giving Trump a stick with which to beat Clinton he continues to use to this day. Brazile seems unable to learn that with great visibility comes great responsibility, and that a throwaway line that might help her sell a few books can do tremendous damage to a cause she claims to love.

You’d think after she was mauled on the CBS This Morning show by a panel of interviewers that included her former editor (Gayle King) she’d realize she was in a deep hole and stop digging. But you would be wrong. So it is up to me to tell her it’s all over.

Donna Brazile, please go away.

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