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Trump tweet again

It was voters who helped the candidate Trump to become the president because he promised them to shake the political system that is not working for them. It is now almost a year to elections, and his voters still support the president, but they now seem to be worried about his mouth. Most of them believe that it will hurt his tenure and he is his worst enemy. They are also worried about the fact that his disruptive persona will undermine his ability to make government work for them.

Although not many of them agree on what is his biggest achievement till date and what could be his top priority now they all agree on what is going wrong is his tweets. Margie Chandler, who is a business manager for old Monroe said that she like the way trump shaken things up in a numerous way but she would like him to be more presidential. According to her, Trump doesn’t know how and when to stop talking. Many other voters from the US was interviewed regarding this issue, and most of them agreed that Trump himself is responsible for his troubles.

Francis Smazal, a nurse from Marshfield, said that most of the tweets that trump posts does not have any concern with the country and issues. Such comments have to be a worrying sign for the Trump, but surprisingly Trump is still scoring a perfect approval rate among these voters. But this cannot be taken as lightly because it will not take much time to lose what he is having right now. When asked from the voters, no one in the group said that he or she would change their vote in 2016. But this cannot be taken as lightly because it will not take much time to lose what he is having right now.

Although they showed the full support to trump and are happy with their decision, they also express less confidence than before. It was very clear that they would doubt about whether trump can deliver in the future and can be more concern about his behavior. In the first month of Trump‘s presidency this year, 13 out of 25 voters predicted that Trump is going to be the best president in the history of the US, but this number has now dropped to seven.

Many of them appreciate their vote decision because they agree on the fact that the nation’s economy is doing better, but most of them are almost evenly divided when it comes to the country’s security. Many incidents have occurred since Trump has been elected as President and even in the last week, a terror attack in New York has killed eight people. According to Ken Cornacchione, a financial consultant from Venice, Trump has created too many distractions which weaken the momentum in policy and legislation.

A voter expresses his love to Trump as he likes his style. He said that Trump might talk without thinking, but it is a trait of an honest man. But when it comes to the question that what is the best thing that Trump has done till date the answers from the supporters got scattered as three of them could not name a single best thing that Trump has done. To conclude things, the group is more likely to blame the administration’s legislative setbacks on forces other than the president. Even the biggest policy that trump come up with was the tight immigration laws, and only two out of 25 wanted him to focus on that.

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