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Liberal-feminism Vs Republican-Conserv

There are inevitable awkward stages in the evolution of any entity. Such is also the case with capitalism and the general idea of a free world build on what seem to be, at least on the surface, free individuals.

The opposite of communism, capitalist society has chosen to embrace the word “free” when it comes to ideas rather than objects or services. We have free speech, free will and free trade. How we choose to interpret these is ever evolving and we’ve now reached an awkward state.

I am yet to form an unshakeable opinion on the new trend in American society of what appears to be excessive political correctness. Some points lead me to think against it, some points make me embrace the so called social justice war.

As with everything in life the truth might sooner be found in the middle rather than at any extreme so I would attempt to borrow from both social justice warriors and conservatives in order to reach a healthy balance.

But first let’s meet the sides, what’s good about them and what’s shaky.

It has become cool and unfortunately almost mandatory to accept anything that is based on a presumption of inherent political correctness.

The scent of even the slightest of injustice brings logic to a halt, relinquishes any further investigation and turns the spotlight on emotional reasoning. Lately people become “triggered”, a perfect word used to describe that emotional state when reason abandons the individual as response to something they find outrageous. What happens is that they themselves start acting outrageous, throwing fits and tantrums embarrassing for someone 20 years their junior, while doing the Matrix move to avoid being hit by any factual evidence thrown at them. The worst part though is they don’t balance out when coming out of it and seem to be unaware and unashamed of what they just did. On the contrary, they seem to think it’s normal, even necessary behaviour in the face of what they find completely unacceptable.

I’d compare the new wave of liberals to pears, the fruit infamous for getting a bruise from the lightest of knocks. The need for a pristine environment is so high that it has led to the banning of mainstream publications and worst the banning of certain class material in college campuses. Infamous case among them being the dropping in certain colleges of any rape topics in legal classes.

I think this is extremely harmful and could develop in another example of doing harm for the sake of a good idea, that of inclusion and empathy.


I tend to agree with most of the logical arguments given by the “resistance”. They seem to be the balanced side finding reason and facts as their preferred weapons. On its way to becoming a classic, the debate between 1000 Vs 2, when it comes to genders, there really is only one scientific and normal answer, for example.

Unfortunately there are some lines crossed on this side as well. Why one would argue against a union based on consent and love between two people, regardless of sex, is beyond me. The hard lines drawn in the face of suffering, with personal comfort winning the battle against the slightest of discomfort is also something to leave behind.

Simply put, you can spot a tendency for rigidness in areas that should see more progressive thought. “Always the strict answer, never a compromise” could very well be their motto.


With so many subjects on the table to be agreed upon I think both sides need to first come to the unshakable conclusion that the others matter as well and ultimately there are no bad people or bad intentions. People have become entrenched and pile up stocks of resent and isolation from different ideas of their own. It is not even conceivable the other side might have some value. Liberals seem to find enemies wherever they look and although in some instances that can be true, having this mindset as status quo is anything but helpful in reaching out and agreeing with fellow Americans of different political and social views. Republicans and those with conservative views should not scold upon the naivety and emotional thinking liberals tend to offer these days and try, with extra patience and empathy to reach them through a personal approach, not through a barrage of logical arguments they are sure to turn their backs to. Giving in to ideas promoting acceptance and helping the ones in need would also do this side a lot of good.

People should focus on finding ways to come together, on finding positive compromises that move things forward with the hope that the better idea between the ones merged will inevitably prevail. People should think as “us” instead of “me”.

With free speech finding a safe zone in the discourse of conservatives rather than liberals we’re definitely going through an awkward stage of capitalism right now. Like any stage, it will be over, but it’s worth remembering that by the irrationality of adolescence tragedies do sometimes happen and also that nobody likes a 30 yo with a teen spirit. We should have been better than this by now.



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