Is That You, Andy Kaufman?

On May 16th, 1984 comedian Andy Kaufman passed away. No comedian has influenced me more than Kaufman has. His career was before my birth so I never got to experience his act in real time. Kaufman, like many things in life, comes with a conspiracy attached. Is he REALLY dead? If not, who has he shapeshifted into as the ultimate joke? You don’t need Steven Spielberg's wallet to do this kind of digging.

Andy Samberg

Is this a clue?

Why would Kaufman shapeshift into Samberg? It is pretty straightforward.

  1. He gets to keep his name, Andy. Changing your name is tedious and time consuming. Why go through all that legal trouble just for a joke? But we are talking about Andy Kaufman here. It does seem like something he would do.
  2. Andy Samberg was on Saturday Night Live. So was Kaufman. It is human nature to go where you are most comfortable. Sure, Samberg has since departed. Samberg’s departure could be a sign of Kaufman keeping a low profile.
  3. Samberg is in a comedy group called The Lonely Island. Lonely rhymes with Tony…Clifton. In fact, The Lonely Island is simply an anagram for Tony Clifton.

Andy Richter

  1. Also named Andy.
  2. Kaufman used to frequent late night talk shows. Shapeshifting into one of Andy Richters twin’s would be an easy way to get yourself back on air.
  3. Become friends with Conan. He is tall. Which means Kaufman could disguise himself behind him if a conspiracy like this ever cracked open.

Tina Fey

  1. They both are brunette.

Jerry Lawler

  1. Jerry Lawler was Andy Kaufman’s biggest foe in the kayfabe world of Professional Wrestling. Who better to shapeshift into than the man you hate most?
  2. Honestly I am not sure why Lawler isn’t at the top of the list.

Nathan Fielder

  1. Nathan Fielder is currently revolutionizing the comedy game with his hit show “Nathan For You.” Kaufman did the same during his peak. Andy looking to keep the momentum going decided to shapeshift into someone who got really good grades at business school.
  2. Why be American when you can be Canadian instead?
  3. Nathan likes to help small businesses. Kaufman liked to help wrestling fans realize their own stupidity.
  4. Out of all the suspects, I am most biased towards this one.

Are you convinced? Look at any of these celebrities line of work. You will notice sprinkles and characteristics of Andy Kaufman. Tony Clifton is not listed as a suspect because well..that joke is expected. Sometimes you need to live on the edge.

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