“Those Queens Were Pissed”

Photo of me wearing my crown, ready for a followup performance

(Link below to see photo slide show on Instagram )

In October 2008 in Atlanta GA, about nine months into transitioning, I performed for the first time on stage, singing to backing tracks I wrote in a drag pageant.

Singing my own music at the YouthPride pageant.

YouthPride ATL held an annual drag pageant fundraiser that was quite a big to-do amongst young drag performers in Atlanta at the time, and YP was THE youth lgbt center- a place where magic happened.

Bust a move!

I performed under the name "ambientdischord[sic]". Originally the pageant that year was to have three categories for crowns, Ms., Mr. And Mx. Being genderqueer AF I signed up for Mx.- along with no one else. So, I was given the option of competing for Mr. or Ms., I chose Ms.

Suggesting strong youth leadership and radical socialist organizing tactics for my Q and A.

While the queens I performed with did your classic lipsynch dance and strip routines, with flashy, expensive outfits and doting drag mothers, I showed up alone in my halloween outfit (that year I was "The Universe" in a silver star studded romper and combat boots) and sang two numbers, a rap I wrote about queer liberation and revolution, and some goldfrappy pop song about the hedonism and debauchery that so enthralled me when I began going to gay/queer bars and events.

2008’s Ms. YouthPride.

Anyways, after a Q and A and a gown presentation the crown was awarded – to my utter shock – to me!

*Let me tell you, those queens were pissed.*

My crown provided me several more opportunities to perform- often alongside drag performers- even at that years @atlantapride festival in @piedmontpark on the 2nd stage. My performance was the prototype for my later successes as a burlesque performer on the West Coast named Trillian Thundercunt.

A few months later, wearing my standard queer-as-fuck makeup.

I never thought of myself as doing drag, but drag shows for Atlanta LGBT youth were the first and most well received opportunities to do what I was doing. Which, was, well, weird and glittery and so so homo and really spoke to the dirty dirty queer scene of young Atlanta I was living in – and experiencing from every angle, from upper middle class opulence and "OTP" snobbery, to the couches I surfed soon after coming out when my parents and I stopped talking and I became homeless 3-5 months, the first time.

(These are from my @flickr feed for @ambientdischord – quite a surprise find)

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