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Halloween is here, which means it’s the best excuse of the year to play dress-up with your pets. In fact, seeing our furry friends in costume have become one of our favorite parts of the spooky holiday—who can say no to a superhero-costumed dog? Of course, while our photogenic pets might not be as excited about their new outfits as we are, it’s important that their adorable ensembles are safe and comfortable for them to wear. If you need help figuring out how to dress up your pet this year, or just want to gush over adorable costumed animals, keep reading for our round up of eight fantastic DIY costumes you (and hopefully your pet) will love.

Every year the Halloween wonder dogs Gryphon and Phoenix pose as elaborate renditions of their owner’s favorite characters and films. Their spot on ode to Little Shop of Horrors is a hilarious depiction of Seymour and his man eating plant Audrey II. This fantastic illusion is picture perfect ready.

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Is there anything cuter than a puppy wearing tiny costume wings? Maybe if that pup was dressed up in a Batman-inspired ensemble with eco-friendly sparkle felt batwings! Simon Seguss dressed up his little dog Leo in a Bat Pup costume complete with a recycled Batman t-shirt.

If you’re feeling particularly ambitious this year, try your Je-DIY hand at this stunning Star Wars AT-AT dog costume. Artist and Star Wars enthusiast Katie Mello created this hilarious and impressively detailed costume for her dog.

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This zombie dog costume is easily created with a bit of creative grooming. Use Pet Paint for blood accents, BarkArt Blow Pens for brains, Dog Crayons around the eyes, fried rice as maggots, and candy blood as blood. Some hand-cut stencils create the illusion of leg and paw bones, and latex and some shedding hair make for pretty realistic zombie flesh. Now that’s a good dog gone bad.

Turn your pup into a real live Chia Pet with his adorable green getup. All you’ll need to do is glue plants (freshly picked clovers or plastic aquarium plants) onto a dog sweater and then finish the costume by creating ‘plant pot’ legs from orange felt and muslin.

When Anyel Torres and her family decided to dress up as characters from the Nightmare Before Christmas, they couldn’t resist getting the family dog involved. She transformed their pet poodle into Zero the Dog with an easy DIY costume made from socks, a pillowcase, and a toy pumpkin nose.

Instead of transforming your pooch into a pop culture icon, why not try the path less traveled by dressing her up as a different species? That’s what Corey Drew of Pet Lounge Studios did with his miniature pinscher in this hilarious rooster getup made by sewing layers of feathers onto pantyhose.

This cute Boston Terrier is repping the U.S.A. in style with her red-white-and-blue costume. Kristin Kittle dressed her dog, Echo, as a Patriotic Skydiver complete with white doggie goggles. The jumpsuit is made from two shades of taffeta with white binding trim, while the parachute pack is made from a deconstructed adult backpack.

Get on the pun train with this doggie bag costume. Bindie, the ever-hungry dog, was transformed into a doggie bag made from recycled foam padding covered in fabric. The costume is attached using a velcro enclosure.

Can’t wait for Thanksgiving? You can channel your anticipation into costume making by turning your dog into a 75-pound roast turkey.

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